Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

There is an opinion that flashing an Android phone is damn difficult. This opinion has a foundation, if you look at the simplicity of flashing smartphones running Windows Phone. the operation is unlikely to drag on for more than half an hour. Android for this part is hemorrhoids. But if you divide the firmware into 4 simple steps, then things will go much more fun.

In principle, the firmware algorithm of any Android smartphone consists of 4 main parts with slight deviations. Now we will do the firmware operation with the model HTC Desire V. Some methods and programs are universal and suitable for other phones. Android contacts transfer operations.> iOS does not require special knowledge at all. You can read how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android at So.

. to flash the phone you need:

1. Get root access to the phone

2. Unlock bootloader

3. Install recovery

4. Pour firmware

1. Get Root Access to the Phone

For flashing the phone, this is the very first and prerequisite, because the operating system severely restricts the rights of an ordinary user. For these purposes, the utility has proven itself Kingo ROOT, which reduces the entire operation to a click of a button. The program is free and you can download it on the official website It is enough to start the phone, wait for its definition of the program and press the button Root and the operation will begin to gain full access to the phone. This will be noticeable on the phone itself:

At the end of the operation, the program will give you a notification. The first stage has been completed:

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

2. Unlock the bootloader

Unlocking the bootloader will help you perform operations in the service menu. We have two ways. quick and longer.

Quick way

Quick associated with the use of the utility HTC unlocker beta, which allows you to unlock the bootloader in a few clicks. The problem, in general, is only that it is not Russian. And not even in English. She is Chinese. But in general, everything is clear even with hieroglyphs.

We start. The welcome window offers us to connect our device:

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

Next, click on the characteristic unlock icon:

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

Next we accept, something like a custom invitation and click “Further”

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

After which the unlocking process will begin:

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

Way longer

1. Download and install HTC Sync

2. Download a special program fastboot

3. All contents of the archive fastboot, which you just downloaded, unpack to a folder C: \ android (if you don’t have one, create one).

4. Go to the site and in the right column select All Other Supported Models and click Then begin unlock bootloader

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Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

Next you need to go through a quick registration:

In the password you must use one capital letter and number!

Next, we confirm the registration from the letter in the mail that you indicated.

Then we log in to the site and again go to the page and select the same thing. All Other Supported Models and click Then begin unlock bootloader. We agree to the conditions:

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

Put both checkmarks and click on Proceed to unlock

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

5. Drag the page to the very bottom and click Proceed to Step 5. Next, leave this site for now, but the tab, of course, does not close

6. Go to mode fastboot on the phone (hold the power button and volume down button). Choose the item of the same name in the menu fastboot (selected by volume down / increase buttons) and press the power button (press, do not press!)

7. Go to the command line (WINDOWSR key, in the window that opens, write CMD) and write CD C: \ Android. Hit Enter. Then we prescribe fastboot oem get_identifier_token. Press Enter. An identifier should appear that you want to copy to the clipboard:

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

8. We return to our HTC website and what we copied (our identifier) ​​we must paste into the window My Device Identifier Token at the bottom of the page

Video: Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

9. We will send a file to the mail to which we registered Unlock_code.bin. Copy it to the directory C: \ android

10. 7. We go to the command line (WINDOWSR key, in the window that opens, write CMD) and write CD C: \ Android. Hit Enter. Then we prescribe fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin. Press Enter.

11. The display on the phone will change, increase the volume and confirm the decision with the power button.

3. Install Recovery

Any Android device has a special mode. Recovery. A special system menu from which you can backup data, update the operating system from ROM files, etc. But all this will become available only after installing a third-party Recovery. For the standard is cut down by the most impossible. Now it’s very widespread ClockworkMod recovery (CWM).

All operations are necessary only after unlocking the bootloader described in the previous paragraph

Step by step:

1. Download the recovery.img file

2. Transfer it to the C: \ Android folder

3. Go to fastboot mode on the phone (hold the power button and volume down button). We select the fastboot item of the same name in the menu (it is selected with the volume decrease / increase buttons) and press the power button (press, do not press!)

4. Go to the command line (WINDOWSR key, in the window that opens, write CMD) and write CD C: \ Android. Hit Enter. Then we prescribe fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and press Enter

4. Filling firmware

Here it should be noted that the official and custom (third-party) firmware uploads are slightly different. Yes, and each firmware has its own installation process. Therefore, to describe here a universal way to fail, we will work with firmware RequeLine_v7 on the base 1.73.401.4. Well, we will describe how to install standard firmware

Official firmware

Distributed in the form of an exe file, respectively, do not require additional software. We will work with firmware RUU_PRIMO_DS_ICS_40A_HTC_Europe_1.59.401.1_Radio_1.05.34D.25_20.20.30.22U_release_263747_signed, Which was found on Run the file and act as directed by the wizard.

The installer tells us to turn on the phone and make sure that the battery level is at least 30%

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

He will also determine the current version of your phone, in the same place we press the button Update

Reflash Htc Desire 616 Dual

After which the firmware update will occur:

Custom firmware

Firmware example RequeLine_v7 described in detail on the website in the relevant section. In order not to search, we copied the contents of the instruction under the spoiler

In order to flash custom firmware correctly, you need to:
1 Make a nandroid backup of your firmware through recovery. Required.
2 Connect your phone to your PC and go to the memory card
3 Copy the firmware in zip format to the card.
4 Delete from the memory card and from the internal memory (if any) 3 folders android_secure, Android, LOST.DIR
5 It will immediately reboot into recovery, otherwise those 3 folders will be created, then repeat step 4 again.
6 Make wipe data / factory reset and Wipe Cache
7 Flash firmware; install zip from sdcard. choose zip from sdcard
8 Reboot
9 MANDATORY flashing boot.img via cmd, for which flash as standard, reboot into fastboot and then through cmd with commands

provided that the Android folder on drive C has everything you need (fastboot files) and boot.img, copy it there from the archive with the firmware you are sewing.
I do not recommend restoring old programs with the Titanium Backup program, because it does not always do it correctly. Especially with code files, glitches may start and you won’t know what they are from.
It’s better to spend the extra 30 minutes-1 hour and set everything to a clean

5. Everything. Why was all this needed?

What can flashing the phone save from?

1. Spontaneous shutdown

2. Glitches with a sensor (touchpad)

3. Long loading and slow work

4. Fast battery discharge.

9 thoughts on “Step-by-step Android firmware using HTC Desire V as an example”

“Provided that the Android folder on drive C has everything you need”. But I like this item most of all. Remembering everything I have read over the past three days, I am in this folder: Android on drive C has seen so much accumulated that now I don’t know what needs to be left there and what is not. And for one I still didn’t understand if I got root right? I installed the program, it showed 100%, it also showed on the phone, and then what? Trying to unlock the bootloader, I copied a bunch of characters into this window on the site, and voila. the code is either too long, or short, or even left. I was simply sent in English. This makes no sense.
And the phone continues to live its own life. Epilogue: the desire to reflash the phone crossed out three days of life irrevocably, and most importantly, to no avail. And I wanted to get rid of spontaneous outages.

and if such a situation the phone nts dialer z does not start stupidly white ekrat with a logo what to do how to flash it from which point to start in the bootloader, I go into the zip file when writing a wrong image or but the image and that’s it

My htc desire v has become a brick, so it does not turn on. Please help me how to flash it.

Hello, Vitaliy and Vitaliy &# 128521;
It seems that you have one problem. the device began to be detected by the computer as a brick.
Probably partition marking has flown in it and the bootloader is corrupted. Such a device at home is unlikely to be able to restore. We advise you to contact the Service Center. If you are still trying your personal abilities, then you can read here: = findpost&p = 28253560 here: % EA% EB% FE% F7% E0% FE% F9% E8% E9% F1% FF-% E0% EF% EF% E0% F0% E0% F2! and here:

I get an error while unlocking the bootloader in a quick way. what is he doing?

Bauyrzhan, you have a second attempt. The method is longer.

The guys made a huge mistake, 3 months ago, from where something started to give me software support, they say update to the new version, and so often I sent this notification thought the virus, scanned no anti-virus, well, updated by stupidity, here it is downloading and installing the update, and here is an android with a red sign “!”, FLY, it turns on the phone’s logo, and it doesn’t come in, learned to turn on the recovery, downloaded the update but it doesn’t load, it says loading stop, guys please help, find a solution please write, thanks for earlier.
Android 5.1 version of the Chinese phone CUBOT P11, flew like a swallow until my dumbness (((

Good afternoon, Vyacheslav. You acted recklessly, agreeing to what they offer. As in our entire world today. good things do not need advertising ;-))) Always pay attention to the delicate places in technology when making serious decisions. Firstly, your Chinese phone is a unique thing if you don’t know Chinese and don’t have a familiar Chinese who gives all his Chinese secrets to us. Secondly, updating by air is the most dangerous idea. Because during the update process, your device first “lies on the operating table” as a patient, and only then it must perform an operation on itself to replace the “brains” (firmware). Do you think he has a lot of chances in this case not to become a “brick”?
Well, now about the possible way to solve your problem. A cunning device can be returned from “the other world” only by Chinese (native) “wise” secret operations and programs, pouring into it the only correct firmware from the file for it. What do you have of the following? My advice to you is with the least effort, time and experimentation, hand over your brick to specialists, who are now abound in both service workshops and around your potential acquaintances. The second way to solve the problem is to find the necessary files and “secret” operations using the Internet. Perhaps this will help you: = 0 # entry43515107 and here it is:

And henceforth, sew only what you yourself can, and experiment and try only with sweet and preferably not very necessary. &# 128521;

We click on this button and see in the next window the firmware version on the device and the version on which your Desire will be flashed, click “Next” again.

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