Redmi 7a Smartphone How to Insert a SIM Card

Redmi 7a Smartphone How to Insert a SIM Card

Developers of phones, or rather smartphones, never cease to amaze with senseless innovations.

However, you have the right to disagree, with my opinion, but, for example, I absolutely did not like, for example, a hybrid slot.

This code can be inserted into it, either a SIM card or a micro SD flash drive. Maybe earlier, when there were no two slots at all, such a decision would be accepted by all with a bang.

Only today, nobody likes to change cards constantly, and many have to, especially those who call to foreign countries.

The second “misunderstanding” is the key slot. Not only is it hard to find, it also requires a key or something similar to it.

I don’t know why they didn’t like the traditional slot on an ordinary latch. just clicked, the slot opened, pressed a second time, the slot closed tightly.

If in your smartphone, you can install only one SIM card, that is, a good way to put two. more details here.

Simple and convenient, but if this happened, then I will show how to open the Samsung slot, xiaomi redmi 3, iPhone, meizu, asus, huavei, lenovo and so on.

How to open a SIM card slot with a key

For those who know, this may be obvious, but there are many people who can skip this micro-hole, as they are not well integrated into the design.

Step 1: Locate the small hole on the device.

Step 2: find a tool to insert a SIM card inside the box of your phone. If lost, then you can use something like a paper clip.

Step 3: insert the tool into the hole, press firmly and the slot should pop out.

Step 4: remove the SIM card from the tray or carefully place the SIM card or flash drive into it.

Step 5: Insert the tray back into the phone and click on it to close.

NOTE: you can use a paper clip, but beware and never use a sharp object like a pin. This will damage the tray. Also do not use wooden sticks. they may get stuck in the hole.

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How to open the SIM card slot on the Samsung / Lenovo / Xiaomi redmi 3 / Meizu 2m / Asus / Huawei and others

In order to open the “pocket” of the SIM card, you need to find it. It’s not difficult. carefully inspect the case and find a small hole (like a needle).

Of course, I only write about outgoing trays, because they are still ordinary, most often under the battery.

When you find, insert a key or a straightened paper clip into the hole next to your pocket.

A key is a small metal tool that you sometimes get with a new phone, but you can open a SIM card slot without a key.

How to open the tray of a SIM card without a key

If you are a lady or have a girlfriend, almost any earring can open the tray.

Redmi 7a Smartphone How to Insert a SIM Card

Video: Redmi 7a Smartphone How to Insert a SIM Card

Earrings are the simplest and most common tool for this kind of business and even if they are not at hand right this minute, but you can quickly find (borrow).

How to open a SIM card tray with a paper clip

A paper clip is the next most common thing if you happen to work in an office.

Just beware of the plastic-coated paper clip, and any small paper clip will open the tray. just straighten one end and press firmly.

When you’re done, don’t throw it away, but you can use it at work to hold the various pieces of paper together.

Redmi 7a Smartphone How to Insert a SIM Card

How to open a SIM card slot with a needle

If you were repairing socks or trousers, then you will definitely have a needle in the house.

Just use the non-pointed end that you will insert into the hole and click, for example, on the edge of the table.

I would not advise you to try this with your hand. If you use sharp objects, like needles, then use a hard surface to press.

Redmi 7a Smartphone How to Insert a SIM Card

RECOMMENDATION: do not push the needle into the phone tray with your hands. this is dangerous, because you will have to press on the sharp end.

Of course, there are many other alternatives, including toothpicks, pins, or almost any other pointy thing around you.

Redmi 7a Smartphone How to Insert a SIM Card

How to open a SIM card slot on an iPhone

The SIM card slot in the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s iPhone 4, iPhone 4s is located on the side of the device.

As in the figure below, you can open it in exactly the same way as in the phone. the difference is zero.

Redmi 7a Smartphone How to Insert a SIM Card

But in the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G a little different place. on the top edge of the device.

SIM card slot does not open. then what to do

And what if the tray is stubborn and does not open? First of all, try to press harder. often the issue is solved.

If this does not help, then first you need to put a key or other object into the hole, which is not subject to discussion.

Next, try to hook the slot with something. you can take a paper clip, bend it a little and try to drag it like a crochet.

Some try to glue something onto the tray with superglue, but its strength is usually not enough. it comes off.

Just do everything carefully, otherwise you can pierce some devices through with a needle (you will even see a point of light). Therefore, if you use a pin, then the sharp tip is better to break off (bite off sharper).

It is possible that the SIM card slot does not open due to the fact that it is broken, for example, the contact is bent and caught. if pulled, it can be broken off.

Also, the slot may not open due to the fact that the SIM card falls out of the groove and clings to the housing connector.

Then you can try using a strip of foil or a blade and try to pull it out.

Of course, if the slot does not open due to the fact that Simka crookedly stood up, it is better to immediately give it to a specialist than to break it and only then send it for repair.

Some devices will take time even for a professional to take apart. so be careful, otherwise the consequences of an inexperienced intervention can result in costly repairs.

I also suggest watching a video instruction on how and how to open SIM card slots on phones. Successes.

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