Redmi 6a Battery Replacement

Any smartphone can receive certain damages, especially if the device belongs to the budget segment. In particular, service centers are regularly contacted in order to replace the Xiaomi Redmi 6A glass. People do not understand that the protective glass of this model has a relatively small thickness, and the degree of its hardness is far from ideal. Such glass is designed to combat the appearance of scratches when touching the keys, but nothing more. It remains to rejoice that so far the glass or even the entire display can be replaced. Our experts cope with this task without much difficulty.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A quick screen replacement with warranty

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An example of replacing the screen module in a Xiaomi smartphone in our service:

In many service centers, the customer’s smartphone is waiting in line for several days. We offer urgent repairs. for this you need to first contact our manager, who will schedule an approximate visit time. You can be sure that one of the masters will definitely be free, as a result of which the duration of the repair will depend only on which part is changing.

Redmi 6a Battery Replacement

The easiest way is to replace the display module (this is also the most expensive operation due to the cost of the spare part). The client will be able to pick up the smartphone within an hour after the start of work. If you only need to replace the glass, you will have to wait exactly one day. this is the amount of time it takes to dry the glue in special conditions.

Video: Redmi 6a Battery Replacement

Be that as it may, Xiaomi Redmi 6A back cover replacement and other types of repairs are carried out using professional equipment. Exactly the same tools are used in service centers owned by Xiaomi (those are in the Middle Kingdom). This allows you to count on a perfect repair. But not only that.

Parts for Xiaomi Redmi 6A

High quality repairs are also achieved through the use of original spare parts. All of them are issued by a Chinese company, or at least certified by it. We believe that it makes no sense to produce replacement display Xiaomi Redmi 6A using a third-party screen. Who knows how a non-original spare part will behave? Perhaps it will contain artifacts in the form of broken pixels or scratches on the glass, because of which we will have to carry out a new replacement, but at our own expense? We prefer to reduce the likelihood of a client re-contacting to almost zero.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A Screen Repair using original components practically does not affect the cost of our service. Still, the Chinese company does not overestimate the prices of its spare parts, in contrast to the famous competitor from South Korea.

Warranty for repair and parts of Xiaomi Redmi 6A

It remains to add that due to branded equipment and original components, we can afford to provide a long warranty. In particular, after replacing the display module, the client is given four to six months to troubleshoot, depending on the complexity of the work performed. If only glass changed, then the warranty period is a little less. it varies from one to three months.