Put Money On Phone By Number 900

Thanks to the Mobile Banking, you can manage your personal finances from anywhere in the world, regardless of the time of day. SMS banking allows you to not only transfer funds from a bank card to your phone account, but also to pay for services. Every year, the list of operations that the Mobile Bank provides is replenished with new manipulations created for the convenience of customers and consumers.

The leading position among banks that care about their customers through SMS banking is held by the state-owned Sberbank. In 2016, operations were simplified to the maximum, there is no need to type complex combinations in order to put money on the phone, just a couple of clicks on the phone’s buttons, and the money is transferred from one account to another, and the account holder is identified by fixing to the mobile number.

If recently using SMS and number 900 you could only recharge your own phone, today it’s really possible to transfer money from a bank account directly to another number. How to do this, as well as many other interesting things, you will learn right now.

How to recharge your phone through 900

Sberbank experts calculated how many regular customers actively use simple SMS banking, the results showed a figure of 5 million users. You can only imagine that 5 million people are ready to trust the electronic version of money transfer through Sberbank.

To put money on your phone, using the number 900, sequentially repeat the following manipulations:

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  • Find “Write a message” on your mobile device;
  • in the column “To” indicate the number “900”;
  • Scrolling down a bit, position the cursor in the “Message” line and type in the number you want, it should be represented by an integer value (that is, if you plan to recharge the phone by 500 rubles, write “500”);
  • press the “Send” or “Enter” key;
  • wait until the message is sent;
  • soon a notification will be sent to the number about the operation and the transfer of funds to the phone.

How to put money to another number

Suppose a Sberbank account is registered on your phone, but you need to top up another number. How to do it? Sberbank mobile banking also solves this problem with the help of number 900:

  1. Open the window for writing and writing messages.
  2. In the column “To” indicate the number 900.
  3. Go down a little lower and in the line "Message" type "PHONE903500". Instead of snowflakes, indicate a 9-digit mobile number to which you want to send money. 500 is the possible amount of replenishment of the account in rubles, in place of 500 can be any other integer.
  4. Check the spelling of the sent text. Please note that all letters must be capitalized. Check again if the phone number is spelled correctly.
  5. If all data matches, click the "Send" button.

Sberbank customers are interested in whether there is a limit in relation to funds transferred to the phone. We contacted a competent operator and he confirmed that there is a limit on funds. As of 2016, the limit amount of money that a user can put on the phone through 900 ranges from 50 to 10,000 rubles.

How to transfer funds from one card to another

When registering an account with Sberbank, employees always recommend linking their phone number to the card. Why do this? Such an action will allow you to manage material costs if you are away from the bank branch and even the terminal. Transactions with finances pass through the phone simply and easily.

In advance, find out from another person whose account money should be transferred to, a mobile number by which, in fact, a card will be automatically determined on the basis where the necessary amount will “fall”.

  1. Open the message writing form on your mobile device.
  2. Fill the line “To” with the number “900”.
  3. Using the column "Message", enter the text in capital letters "TRANSFER903500". In this case, according to the rules of a financial institution, it is allowed to put no more than 8,000 rubles on another card.
  4. In response, expect an SMS sent by Sberbank to indicate the full name of the recipient of the money and the value in rubles. If everything is in order and the data are not in doubt, write a message in response, where in the text field specify the confirmation code.
Put Money On Phone By Number 900

Such manipulations may seem like a complicated process to a novice, but in fact, having carried out the same sequence several times, you will be convinced that the whole procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Bank services will have to be paid. a commission is charged at a rate of 1% of the transfer amount. If the cards were registered through several branches or were issued in one branch of Sberbank of Russia, no commission is charged at all.

How to connect Mobile Bank

If you are not sure that the number is connected to the Mobile Bank service, it is better to consult with an employee of a financial institution. There are several ways to connect SMS banking:

Put Money On Phone By Number 900
  1. A quick option that requires skill from the user is to use an ATM or terminal.
  2. Do not be too friendly with computer technology and self-service devices. so you need to contact the Contact Center. You can talk with operators on all issues of interest by calling around the clock: 7 (495) 500 5550 or 8 (800) 555 5550.

If it does not bother you, visit the nearest branch of Sberbank. To connect SMS banking in a face-to-face meeting, you need to have a passport or other document that confirms your identity.

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