Proper Tooth Brushing In Dogs

For any animals (especially domestic) need a close care from the person. Just as a person has become accustomed to brushing his teeth and washing his face in the morning, it is also important for a dog to do this procedure in order not to attract a number of diseases that will be revealed if you don’t periodically brush your teeth:

  • If you do not clean the dental calculus, it will begin to be deposited in the oral cavity – this will weaken the gums, eliminate the protective sheath of the tooth band, and the bleeding will become more frequent.
  • Following this, there is a huge risk of developing paradontosis, stomatitis and caries.
  • The appearance of these "sores" takes away the vital force of dogs, they become less joyful, there is a characteristic smell from the mouth, besides the appetite is significantly deteriorated.

From this it follows that to properly brush the teeth of a dog is the necessary mission of every responsible and caring owner.

Proper Tooth Brushing In Dogs

Why do dogs have bad teeth?

In part, much is still embedded in the animal’s genetic code. Heredity involves the transmission of diseases from dog to dog. If the mother or father of your puppy suffered from stomatitis, then there is a high probability that the same disease will form in the mouth and your pet.

In addition, some breeds are directly predisposed to the formation of tartar on the teeth: terrier, poodle, dachshund, chihuahua. But Dobermans, Huskies, Cane Corsos have strong teeth that are resistant to the development of stones.

However, the “case history” of the animal is an equally important component: if there have already been cases of stone formation, then there is an increased risk of waiting for a relapse. In addition, almost every dog ​​cold strongly weakens the immune system, and with it – tooth enamel and gums.

If the dog refuses traditional methods of cleaning teeth, it should be attracted with special accessories. Deer antlers for dogs perfectly tone up the muscles and joints of the dog, they include calcium and glucosamine – high-quality and useful components for a healthy body. Thanks to the material and the coating, the dog trains the teeth and also cleans them.

Of course, not without a dog’s lifestyle. It is necessary to make various changes in the diet of the dog, add to the menu vitamin-mineral complexes, especially important at a young age. Diversify the diet of protein food, carbohydrates, to enhance the overall tone of the body.

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This also includes playing with toys in dogs. If the enamel is not yet formed and the teeth are still rather weak, then the exhausting games “drag the rope” and so on may seem complicated to the dog and make the teeth even worse, therefore such loads should be given systematically.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Thanks to modern technologies, the procedures of recovery (in particular, the cleansing of the oral cavity) have become almost painless. There is the option of ultrasonic cleaning the dog’s teeth without anesthesia, and at the same time the dog will not feel pain. Maximum – discomfort, due to constant voltage.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple: this device is called a scaler, it is easily transferred, something like a dentist’s drill. The procedure itself is painless, but a slight noise and constantly pouring water into the mouth of the dog can scare it away. Thanks to the gentle but energetic circular movements, the yellowness and stones disappear. The process takes about two hours.

Remember that 12 hours before the start of the cleaning is to stop feeding the animal.

A matured dog will endure all procedures until the end; more aggressive or less stress-resistant ones may need light medications for sedation (in the extreme case – to use anesthesia), it would not hurt to use the gel for the teeth to get a snow-white color. If anesthesia is applied to the dog, it is necessary to undergo a diagnosis before starting ultrasonic cleaning in order not to find contraindications.

Proper Tooth Brushing In Dogs

The cost of cleaning procedures

In the first place, in the event of the appearance of stones or any other disease of the oral cavity, it would be more rational to contact a qualified veterinarian to consult on dog nutrition issues, write out gels and brushes, perhaps, use ultrasonic or mechanical cleaning.

Mechanical brushing is usually cheaper for a dog. This is a more wide-ranging procedure, it is done in the most common veterinary clinics, for clearing one jaw of a dog of stones you will have to fork out for 1,100-1,200 rubles. As for ultrasonic cleaning, it will certainly be more expensive and more difficult to access for the owners. The cost of ultrasonic cleaning starts from 1,500 rubles, and in some neglected cases it reaches 2,500–3,000 rubles. If you do not use the services of specialists, you can clean it yourself.

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How to clean at home?

As in many other situations with dogs, consistency is needed in the matter of cleaning. In no case can not sharply stick to the dog with a toothbrush and directly climb it into the mouth. We must act strategically, performing step by step:

Proper Tooth Brushing In Dogs

Tools for cleaning teeth in dogs

If the situation is not too “neglected”, there are no stones, but only a shade of yellowness is present, or an unpleasant odor emanates (except for the case that this is due to a disease of the gastrointestinal tract), you can use remedial means that do not require much effort and investment .


Wipes allow you to regularly take care of the oral cavity: just take one little thing and rub your teeth. It produces an antiseptic effect, helps protect the teeth from the formation of stones and heals wounds. In addition, due to the components of the extract has a pleasant fresh smell.

An effective tool for cleaning teeth in dogs is Tropiclean gel – cleans plaque and stones, quickly and comfortably applied, eliminates germs in the mouth and protects the tooth enamel in dogs. As a preventive measure for dental disease, it is sufficient to use the gel two to three times a week.

Napkins brand "Hollywood smile", made in the United States, per package (30 pieces) will have to pay 550 rubles.


"Bones" are the best option for toys to work out the oral cavity: due to the fact that the dog gnaws them, the gums and the teeth themselves are strengthened, besides the synthetic material helps to clean the skin. Starting such a "game" is from the age of at least four months.

We do not recommend edible bones for the game, since this is already a nutrient rather than a “simulator” for the teeth, in addition, you can get hurt. Famous brands that make "bone toys" for dogs: Pedigree, Trixie, Village delicacies, etc. The cost of such devices varies between 70-350 rubles, depending on the material, functions and design.


Toothpastes are made on the basis of herbs and extracts, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, restore the dog’s gum. One tube should be enough for three to four months of use, depending on the intensity of cleaning.

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High-quality pasta company "Beafar": helps in strengthening the gums, prevents the appearance of tartar, has a specific flavor – the liver. For packing (100 grams) you need to pay 515 rubles.


Sprays heal wounds in the oral cavity, has an anti-inflammatory nature, establish a protective membrane that blocks microbes from getting on the teeth and gums. It becomes especially relevant after mechanical cleaning when the oral cavity is weakened.

A bottle of Nibble spray weighs 30 grams, this drug costs 270 rubles, for small dogs a single injection per jaw is enough. Larger dogs need to "splash" a couple of times.

Gels are widely used both before and after cleaning, as they perform several functions. Gel brand "Beafar" is considered one of the best, it solves the problem and creates a comfortable environment for the teeth:

  • Eliminates gum disease;
  • Prevents stones;
  • Promotes fresh breath;
  • Propolis (bee glue) helps to strengthen the gums, has an antiseptic effect.

Practical recommendations

Proper Tooth Brushing In Dogs

It is worth remembering that there is a special “wand” brushing teeth for dogs. Brush for cleaning the teeth of dogs is somewhat different from human. You can use electric if your pet is not afraid of the sounds from it.

A dog addicted to the gameplay will help the cleansing of its oral cavity much faster and more efficiently. The Busy Buddy toy looks bright, has an elastic form and a corrugated surface, and it helps to clean the teeth from stones and plaque during the game. Rubber does not damage the enamel, the dog is interesting and useful

A rubber brush is considered to be a simpler and more economical option – it is put on directly on the finger, it cleans the surface of the teeth qualitatively. But the most diverse option is called a nylon brush, which has two sides, uniformly cleansing both the bottom and the top of the teeth. Moreover, the emphasis is distributed to both jaws.

The problem of stale breathing may not necessarily be related to the teeth: perhaps the cause is in the gastrointestinal tract, in this situation it is better to consult a veterinarian and adjust the animal’s nutrition: add more water to the diet, remove fatty and spicy foods, switch to boiled meat.

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