Programs For Changing Ip On Android

When we go online, we have an IP address tied to the network. Any object located on the World Wide Web, whether it is a website or a computer, has its own IP address. However, in some cases it is more convenient to make sure that no one knows the IP address.

Programs For Changing Ip On Android

Why is it necessary

Among the main reasons, because of which it may be necessary to change the ip-address of the android, there are:

  1. Protection from scammers.
  2. Virus protection.
  3. Limit IP address tracking for sites with annoying ads.
  4. The need to circumvent regional restrictions and access prohibited sites.

There may be several options for getting out of the situation.

Using VPN Services

One of the most common ways to complicate the definition of an IP address is to use an intermediary computer. All traffic will go through it. At the same time, the device itself can be located anywhere in the world, and in the statistics of the sites you will visit, there will be information that you accessed them from the computer whose IP address was specified.

There are several services with which you can carry out this procedure. It is unlikely to be able to find a completely free VPN with no restrictions: there will always be either limited traffic or advertising banners. But a simple transition to the desired site is quite feasible.


One of the most popular ip change programs. To use it, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Download the application at the link:
  2. Log in and create an account.
  3. In the authorization screen that appears, specify the data that you entered earlier.
  4. Once in the application, press the switch in the center. The VPN will turn on and your ip address will not be visible to anyone.
  5. If you are asked to provide additional access to traffic, you must agree.
  6. It is possible to change the country to any of the list. To do this, open the list of countries under which we can disguise ourselves, click the up arrow at the very bottom of the screen, select any country. For example, Switzerland. Confirm access to the program.

If a blue circle appears at the very top of the screen, then everything worked out, and our IP address has been changed.

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Hotspot shield

Another fairly popular program for changing ip. The number of servers in the free version is limited. There is an advertisement. In terms of use, this VPN is very similar to the one described earlier:

  1. You need to download the service from the link:
  2. Register an account by specifying a mailbox for information recovery.
  3. Enter the data specified during registration.
  4. Press the switch in the center of the screen.

Proxy switcher

The main feature of this application is a huge number of proxy servers. They can be sorted by country, speed and type.

The main minus of the program for changing the IP address of the Proxy Switcher: it is paid. There is also a free version, but it’s not good enough: even a proxy list does not always work out.

It should also be noted that this application is completely in English. There is a Russian "pirate" version, a hacked version. However, you will practically not need knowledge of English when using the application.

To install and run the program, you must:

  1. Download it on the official website:
  2. After downloading, run the installation file.
  3. In the window that appears, click Next.
  4. Accept the terms of the license agreement.
  5. After changing or saving the folder for installing the program, click install.


This method is slightly different from the rest, but as a result, you can also change the IP address. In order to use the proxy, you must have root-rights in the smartphone. The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  1. You need to install a program for working with a proxy, for example, ProxyDroid:
  2. Find a list of free proxies online.
  3. Open the application with the necessary rights.
  4. Enter in the address bar the address of the proxy you have selected (digits indicated before the colon).
  5. In the port line, enter the numbers indicated after the colon.
  6. Press the switch to establish a connection.

The disadvantage of this method is that free proxies are often overloaded. In this case, there are two options: either wait until they are free, or pay.

Tor is a darknet. specifically, a browser that will make your stay on the Internet anonymous. Tor was originally designed to encrypt government communications. Now it is an organization that advocates confidentiality of information on the Internet.

How does this happen? During transmission, data is encrypted and distributed between several computers located in different parts of the globe. Thanks to this, the Internet service provider or people trying to track your activity on the local network will not be able to see which sites you visited. To use this function, you must:

Actually, that’s all. From now on, any of your activities on the Internet will be kept secret. Tor is certainly a useful program for changing ip, but it also has one big minus. Tor services require a large amount of resources on your smartphone, so they will land the battery faster.

Is it possible to change the ip-address of the phone without programs

If there is no way to download the program for changing ip, you can try to do without it.

The sequence of actions will be as follows:

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