Power Bank Always On

The external battery ZMI Power Bank 10000 mAh Smart Edition, the review of which we decided to conduct, belongs to the Xiaomi brand, or rather, one of its subsidiaries. Products under this brand began to enter the market since 2014, and immediately won worldwide recognition due to their functionality, reliability and a pleasant price. What are the features of this model and what are its capabilities. the answer to these questions you will find in our review. Go.

Power Bank Always On

Contents of delivery

Poverbank ZMI Power Bank 10000 mAh Smart Edition (White) came to us in an ordinary box made of durable cardboard. Inside was a simple white box, made in the spirit of minimalism: on the front cover there is only the name of the brand, and on the back wall there is a short list of characteristics. No drawings and decorations. this is in the style of Xiaomi.

Power Bank Always On

Inside the box there were: ZMI Power Bank 10000 mAh Smart Edition (White), a microUSB / USB A cable, manual.


The base of the model has a rectangular appearance. The case is made of high-quality matte plastic that pleases the eye. Holding an external battery is just as pleasant. The upper and lower sides have a ribbed structure, which allows you to expand the area for cooling the device. On one side are specifications in Chinese.

Power Bank Always On

On one of the end sides there are connectors for USB, a function button, as well as a status bar represented by four diodes. The light of the indicators is clearly visible in bright sunlight and at night. Each of the indicators symbolizes 25% of the charge. The function button allows you to force the work to start, reset the protection (some types), check the charge level, connect a smartphone or other gadget at the first connection.

What stood out the manufacturer? The extraordinary subtlety of the product. Poverbank takes a minimum of space, weighs a little less than 200 grams, creates the impression of a really expensive and reliable product.

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Video: Power Bank Always On

You can only compare its dimensions with another model, but from Xiaomi 5000 mAh, while the model selected for review has twice the capacity.

Power Bank Always On

The external battery ZMI Power Bank 10000 mAh Smart Edition (White) was able to surprise with its appearance, but how will it show itself in operation? Let’s figure it out.


One of the main requirements for modern portable energy sources is protection. over, both the charging device and the battery itself. In our conditions, this avoids all kinds of risks associated with voltage fluctuations, changes in current strength and other fluctuations that can disable equipment.

In total, the model supports 9 types of protection, including: protection against short circuits, overheating, drops, high voltage at the input and output. And much more, in fact.

There are no complaints about the operation of the protection system. it works instantly, cutting off the current supply. Depending on the type of threat, you can restore the external battery by using the function key or by connecting it to charging. However, in most cases, the bank independently returns to work when the parameters return to normal.

Charging and its features

The model supports high-speed charging using Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology, there is a “pass-through” charging mode that allows you to simultaneously recharge the battery and recharge any gadgets. Thanks to the existing types of protection. Such recharging will be as safe as possible for your device, eliminating the malfunction of the socket.

Fast charging lasts 130-140 minutes, and during this time the ZMI Power Bank 10000 mAh Smart Edition (White) gains about 80% of its capacity. After that, the device reduces the strength of the incoming current and gets the remaining percentage. It takes a little less than an hour and a half. In total, it takes 3 hours and 40 minutes to fully charge the battery from scratch.

Power Bank Always On

If you use high-speed charging technology, rather than a conventional charger, the connection connector heats up to 60-70 degrees. When using a low-power memory, such a problem is not observed. Overheating does not affect the longevity of the bank, and the protection system still controls the temperature.

Unique application

It has already been said that the external battery ZMI Power Bank 10000 mAh Smart Edition (White) supports interaction with a smartphone and other devices. Connection is carried out through a special application, which can be downloaded by scanning a QR code.

Power Bank Always On

Alas, the software is not Russified. We were unable to find software even in English. In general, the application is designed so that the user knows about the status of the bank’s power, and also understands how much a particular device can be charged.

Interaction with an external battery is carried out thanks to the Bluetooth LE module. Bluetooth is always on, but the energy it consumes is slightly small, so you can not worry about the charge on its work.

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