Power Bank 5000 Mah How Much

An external battery has long been transformed from a luxury item into a daily necessity. Especially for those who do not part with a smartphone. In 2017, Xiaomi released the most compact drive. Mi Power Bank 5000 mAh. Thanks to its compact size, it even fits in a small bag or pocket for a man’s shirt.


The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000 mAh battery belongs to budget devices and has a standard set of characteristics. At the same time, it is favorably distinguished by the traditional combination of high quality with an affordable price. This, of course, is far from a flagship device, such as the Xiaomi ZMI QB815 for 15,000 mAh at a cost of 4,000 rubles, but it’s quite a workhorse for recharging smartphones, smart watches, players, etc.


Xiaomi packs its products with particular care. The box of Mi Power Bank 5000 mAh is made of thick white cardboard, which protects the contents from mechanical damage and accidental splashes.

Power Bank 5000 Mah How Much

On the front side is a minimalistic Mi logo. On the back. weekend and technical data, as well as an identification sticker for authentication.

Inside with the battery are:

  • double-sided USB cable. microUSB (17 cm);
  • instruction;
  • warranty card.


Feature Power Bank 5000 mAh. ultrathin case (super slim). Its thickness is only 9.9 mm, and the height and width are comparable to the size of a smartphone by 5". Anodized aluminum was chosen as the material for the casing. thin, durable, pleasant to the touch. The surface does not slip, does not collect prints. The ends are made of white non-marking plastic. Rounded edges and silver color give the device a stylish look.

At the top there is a power button, four LED indicators, microUSB and USB-A connectors. The lower. light gray seal indicates the nominal battery capacity of 5000 mAh, the real. 3300 mAh, technical data. In addition, there are conditional icons for the operation and disposal of the device.

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The case of the Mi Bank 5000 is very strong, the assembly is high-quality, there are no gaps, play. The developers claim that the battery is not afraid of drops, scratches, but does not interfere with safety net.

Silicone case protects the gadget from scuffs, drops of moisture. In addition, the silver color, although it looks stylish, but it seems rather boring, and you can give it a more vivid look.

Internal organization

Inside the slim body of the Mi Power Bank 5000 is a flat lithium-ion (polymer) battery. It is noteworthy that such large battery manufacturers as ATL (Amplex Technology Limited) and Tianjin Lishen Battery participated in its creation. As a result, with small sizes, the battery has an impressive volume.

The chip contains a charge and discharge controller device from the famous company Texas Instruments (USA). She is one of the four largest concerns for the manufacture of semiconductor devices, electronics, microcircuits. In addition, the board contains a chip from the Korean manufacturer Above, responsible for solving several tasks at once:

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  • activation of automatic charging when connecting a third-party device;
  • charge level indication control;
  • Auto power off when overheating or short circuit.

Charging and power

Four power indicators indicate how many percent of the charge is left or a battery malfunction. The drive instruction has a special table that decrypts the values. M. blinks, H. not lit, G. lit.

Given that the actual available volume is about 3300 mAh, the gadget can fully charge one smartphone with 3000 mAh batteries and energize 10% a second time. In this case, it is possible to power the drive itself and the device connected to it at the same time, only an additional cable is required.


The creators of the powerbank took care of the security of the gadget both for him and for the connected device. To accomplish this task, there are several special sensors on the motherboard. On the official website announced nine points of protection.

  1. Heat resistance. The optimum temperature for uninterrupted battery operation has been determined. If the critical value is exceeded, the gadget will turn off.
  2. Input overvoltage prevention.
  3. Protection of third-party devices from output voltage.
  4. Built-in fuse in case of short circuit.
  5. Japanese technology for protection against deep discharge or overcharge.
  6. Auto power off when input current is too high.
  7. Blocking at high output current.
  8. Possibility of forced shutdown (reset).
  9. Auto-lock upon incorrect connection of a third-party device.


Xiaomi products are in demand both in China and abroad. The problem is that the volume of original devices produced does not cover demand, and besides, not everything goes on official sale to foreign markets. That is, the risk of running into a fake is very high. This also applies to external batteries.

Checking Mi Bank 5000 mAh for uniqueness is easy. Firstly, a small sticker with a holographic layer should be present on the back of the box. When it is deleted, 20 digits will open (four rows of five characters each). this is a unique code for authenticating the device. It is enough to enter the number in a special form on the official website https://www.mi.com/global/verify/#/en/tab/imei.

Secondly, there are visual differences.

  • The genuine gadget’s cable inside the USB connector has a black plate, while the fake has a white plate.
  • The surface of the original case is matte, the build quality is high: there are no gaps, slots, play.
  • The inscription on the end should be pale gray, but clear, without streaks and blur.
  • The LEDs are very small, neat, with a light coating. For fakes, they are larger and darker.
  • The connector plates on the end of the battery are always white. Imitators have black or beige.
  • The motherboard of the original drive looks neat, the wires are strong, and the soldering is reliable.
  • Batteries must be branded by ATL and Lishen.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the model are due to its small size, quality, low price. And the latter explains the shortcomings. Any improvement would entail a price increase. The creators of Mi Bank 5000 tried to find a compromise between functionality and budget.

  • compactness;
  • stylish appearance;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • capacious battery;
  • convenient display system;
  • multi-level security system.
  • short cable;
  • collects scratches.


A review of the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 5000 showed that this bank is very convenient to use. Small-sized, with a stylish design that extends the life of a smartphone by at least 10-12 hours. it is indispensable in travel and work when there is no way to charge in another way. In the same way, you can recharge the charge of the player, tablet, camera and other devices. You can buy a drive for 590-890 rubles.

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