Phone Settings Huawei Y3

This is the official instruction for Huawei Y3 II in Russian, which is suitable for Android 5.1. In case you have updated your Huawei smartphone to more "fresh" version or "rolled away" to an earlier one, then you should try other detailed operating instructions, which will be presented below. We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with quick user instructions in the question-answer format.

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If the operation manual did not help you find the answer, then please ask a question on the same page. We will definitely help.

Huawei official website?

You’ve got to the point, because all the information from the official website of Huawei, as well as a lot of other useful content, is collected here.

How to find out the current version of Android?

Settings—> About the phone :: Android version (a few taps on the item will launch "Easter egg") ["From the box" Android OS version. 5.1].

We continue to configure the smartphone

How to update drivers on Huawei

How to find out the kernel version

Phone Settings Huawei Y3

Need to go into "Settings.> About Phone.> Kernel version"

How to enable Russian keyboard layout

Go to Arzdel "Settings—> Language and input—> Choose language"

How to connect 4g or switch to 2G, 3G

"Settings—> Yet-> Mobile Network—> Data transfer"

What to do if you turn on the child mode and forget the password

How to enable voice dialing

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We go in "Settings—> Language and keyboard-> section (keyboard and input methods).> check the box opposite "Google voice input"

Video: Phone Settings Huawei Y3

How to disable auto-rotate screen?

Settings—> Screen :: Auto-rotate screen (uncheck)

How to set a melody on an alarm clock?

Read the instructions for installing sounds on SMS and MMS

How to reduce / increase brightness?

Settings—> Screen-> Brightness-> to the right (increase); to the left (decrease); AUTO (automatic adjustment).

How to enable power saving mode?

Settings—> Battery-> Energy Saving (check)

Turn on battery percentage display

Settings—> Battery-> Battery charge

How to transfer phone numbers from SIM card to phone memory? Import numbers from SIM cards

  1. Go to the app "Contacts"
  2. Click on the button "Options".> select “Import / Export”
  3. Choose where you want to import contacts from.> “Import from SIM card”

How to add a contact to the black list or block a phone number?

How to set up the Internet if the Internet does not work (for example, MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Life)

  1. You can contact the operator
  2. Or read the instructions for setting up the Internet

How to set a ringtone for a subscriber, so that each number has its own melody

Go to the app "Contacts".> Select the desired contact.> click on it.> open the menu (3 vertical dots).> Set ringtone

How to disable or enable vibration feedback keys?

Phone Settings Huawei Y3

Go to Settings—> Language and input.> Android Keyboard or Google Keyboard.> Vibration response of the keys (remove or tick)

How to set a melody for an SMS message or change the sounds of alerts?

Read the instructions for installing sounds on SMS and MMS

How to find out which processor is on the Y3 II?

You need to look at the specifications of the Y3 II (the link above). We know that in this modification of the device the chipset is MediaTek MT6582M, 1300 MHz.

How to enable USB debugging?

Settings—> For developers-> USB debugging

If there is no item "For developers"?

Follow the instructions in how to enable developer mode

How to enable mobile Internet?

Settings—> Data transfer-> Mobile traffic
Settings—> Yet-> Mobile Network—> 3G / 4G services (if the operator does not support, select only 2G)

How to change or add the input language on the keyboard?

Settings—> Language and input—> Android keyboard—> settings icon—> Input Languages ​​(ticks the right box)

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