Phone Locked Sony Ericsson

The presence of such a code protects our mobile device from unauthorized access. But what to do to the one who forgot the Sony Ericsson phone lock code? Let’s try to figure it out.

What if we forgot it?

Phone Locked Sony Ericsson

By default, the code 0000 is set on all devices of this manufacturer. If it does not fit, most likely the combination is different due to the user changing it. The lock code usually includes from 4 to 8 numbers.

  1. If we just purchased a mobile device, the lock is most likely disabled.
  2. You can enable it through the general settings of our phone.
  3. We go to the “Locks” item through the “Security” menu and select the “Phone Protection” item.
  4. Turn on protection.
  5. Enter the lock code.
  6. As already mentioned, the default is 0000.
  7. To change the set code, again go to the “Phone Protection” item and select “Change Code”.
  8. Next, follow the instructions of our mobile device.

How to reset a lock code

Phone Locked Sony Ericsson

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One of the most effective ways is hard reset, i.e. hard reset. At the same time, the settings will be rolled back to the factory settings. Note that the reset method depends on the specific model of our mobile device.

This is especially noticeable in the way you enter the system recovery menu.

You can also reset the settings to the factory state using special utilities. Before working with any of the programs, be sure to check for firmware drivers.

Depending on the platform under which our phone runs, the lock code will reset to 0000, or it will appear in the flash-era window.

You can reset the security code through the SETool2 Lite utility.

  • We open it and select the model of our device in the item “Phone Type” (“Phone Type”).
  • Click “Repair / Unlock” (“Repair / Unlock”).
  • The phone turns off, after which we press and hold the C key and insert the USB cable.
  • A notification should appear in the “Log” window stating that the device is disconnected (“Phone detached”).
  • We close the program, disconnect the mobile device, remove and install the battery back.
  • Turn on the phone again.

You can also reset the code through the XS utility.

  • Open it, select the connection point (“Connect”)
  • On the disconnected device, hold the C button and connect the USB cable.
  • After the device is detected, check the “GDFS” item.
  • Go to the “Locks” tab, and from there. to the “Phone Lock”.
  • At the end of the reset, close the XS, turn off the mobile device.
  • We remove the battery and install it back, and then turn on our phone.

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