Phone Bits Application

Phone Bits Application

Programs for creating a bit in Russian

The program for creating bits is popular with rappers. And DJs use such programs to create arrangements, music tracks and much more. If you decide to create your own music, you need the most convenient and understandable program for you, which can be downloaded right here, choose from the list of the best!

A list of programs for creating club music, rap, electronic music, rock music, trance music for both beginners and professionals. They are used even when creating audio books! We will briefly review a few programs that are fairly easy to use and install.

Programs for creating bits download


A program with all the necessary tools for creating music from scratch, composing from different tracks and recording music. The program has many effects, a large number of tracks and editors. You can easily upload video to it, and replace the sound in it.

This program for creating beats is suitable for users who want to create music from scratch, edit the track, add effects or remix. Bits are also created using Cubase.

Cubase Features

  • Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer allow you to create and work with bits;
  • LoopMash, VariAudio, and PitchCorrect tools help create loops and are designed to work with one-voice vocals;
  • VST Expression Tools
  • convolutional reverb VST3;
  • 64-bit technology support;
  • a tool that involves working with rhythmic and vocal parts;
  • tools for creating new compositions;
  • The fastest MIDI sequencing
  • support for all popular video file formats
  • advanced features for compositions.

The demo version is free and available for download on the official website. If it suits you then you should be interested in the paid version. But do not rush to stop! Programs, as well as many opinions! Make each one your own and try!

Fl studio

One of the best programs for creating music of different genres. A large set of tools and functions will implement all the craziest ideas in any musical direction. You can alternate fragments of different topics. Add, change or delete sounds. This is a great palette for creativity!

To continue working with the project in the future, save a copy of it in the standard format Flp. Thanks to unlimited possibilities Fl studio Suitable for both professionals and amateurs, not only in creating bits.

  • Availability, ease of use. If you need at least some skills to use more professional sequencers, then this program will not create problems even for a novice musician. In addition, for those who are at odds with English, the latest versions of the program are completely Russified;
  • The program uses quite complex algorithms for playback in its work; There is a parametric equalizer and an advanced mixer that supports about 7 dozen tracks. over, each track gives the musician the opportunity to apply up to 8 special effects on it. And, despite this, the program does not overload the computer system in any way.

Ableton Live

Program for creating backing tracks. Loved by DJs. It is simple and easy to use. The only negative is that everything is not in Russian! If you are not friends with English, skip this program, or learn the language!)

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Ableton Live is an audio workstation that allows you to write your own music through the arrangement window. But not only! Thanks to its session window, the program is used by many DJs and musicians for live performances, where the artist does not use a pre-prepared track, but creates a live track directly on the stage! Thanks to this opportunity, the program has become a favorite for many musicians.

Ableton Live is a program in which a huge number of famous musicians of all styles and directions of music work. It makes no sense to list a lot of names, for example, such giants of the music industry as Armin Van Buuren and Skrillex.

This is because the program provides great opportunities in work, improvisation, live performances. and all this in one box, that is: for full-fledged work, there is no need to use third-party programs! All this helped the Ableton Live program to gain worldwide fame and become the standard of modern DJing.

These were the simplest and most popular milking computer programs! How to create music on the phone?

Is it hard? There is nothing inaccessible! Programs to create bits on the phone flooded the Internet! A bunch of applications! How to choose to make it clear and not difficult? Let’s analyze the most popular programs for creating music on your Android phone!

Programs to create beats on the phone

Drum pads 24

Let’s start with a program for creating bits for beginners. Drum Pads 24. the most simple application for creating music on Android. All sets for editing and creating tracks have already been prepared for you.


  • Professional Studio Samples
  • Updated Preset Library
  • Pitch effect for each pad.
  • Four loop modes for each pad
  • Recording tracks

But remember that in addition to a powerful smartphone, you will need a musical ear, since the program does not synchronize sounds itself. So the dog waltz will sound as you press the keys.


Easy to use almost professional level. There is a starter set of effects for processing music (delay, reverb), a mixer, an analog synthesizer, a drum machine. System requirements: 800 MHz ARMv7 processor and a screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Sound at Caustic beyond praise. Not only are there many tools, they also work almost flawlessly. Touch screens are small, but this is not a significant flaw. Even the preset melody sounds no worse than Chipzel’s techno-cuts from Super hexagon

Audio Evolution Mobile

Free multitrack audio editor. A level higher than the previous one, with the same set of features, is ideal for tablets.

Suitable for DJs

All of them allow you to mix fragments, enhance effects. Adapted for Android and tablets.

Programs to create beats on iPhone

Apple music memos

Own application, released a year ago. Provided users not only to edit existing compositions, but also to record high-quality vocals. Now you can upload professional recordings online.


Application created by the Swedish titans Propellerheads software for lovers. Therefore, special skills and knowledge of playing music does not require. Everything is clearly and clearly painted on the control panel. The application is free for all iPhone owners.


The world’s most popular music making app. Garageband A simple, almost professional tool for editing and recording tracks. Mini-studio in the smartphone!

All Apple Apps are Managed Touch instrument. Download from the library.

Good luck! Let the music masterpieces please you and your listeners!

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