Pet Bowl With Your Own Hands – 5 Pleasant Ideas

Creative bowl for a cat or dog. This, of course, is not exactly what your pet needs. He doesn’t care what kind of bowl to eat tasty canned food or enjoy porridge with meat. But in your house there is definitely a person who cares. it’s you yourself. You must admit that it is much more pleasant to put food in a pet bowl made by your own hands than to put it in an ugly mass-market sudok. However, even if the mass market in your case is not relevant, and bought cool designer dishes for pets, it’s still do-it-yourself cat bowl, at times cooler and nicer. As, however, and made do it yourself dog bowl. In general, let us reflect today on how we can decorate our lives in terms of pet care and what it will cost us to get a little extra joy from this.

Pet Bowl With Your Own Hands - 5 Pleasant Ideas

How to make a bowl for a cat or dog with your own hands. 5 workshops:

1. Hand painted cat bowl

Pet Bowl With Your Own Hands - 5 Pleasant Ideas

Your cat will most likely be deeply indifferent if you draw birds, fish or flowers on his bowl: the drawings do not smell. But here you have the choice of motive may well bring some joy and pleasure. Choose what inspires you personally, and hurry to create beauty,

You will say thank you for it more than once!

2. Decor pet bowls with scotch tape

Pet Bowl With Your Own Hands - 5 Pleasant Ideas

Multi-colored tape in the farm there? Drag him here, we will decorate bowls for pets! This technique, by the way, will help not only quickly and effectively decorate your space, but also provide a simple and easy recognition and division of bowls between cats and dogs. This is true if more than one animal lives in the family.

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3. Bowl with a pattern on the bottom

Pet Bowl With Your Own Hands - 5 Pleasant Ideas

Sorry, animals do not know how to read and do not understand humor. Human, of course. Who knows, maybe your own humor, feline and doggy, is more accessible to them? Or do they understand the human? Incredible creatures, in general, these cats and dogs. You decorate bowls with inscriptions and funny drawings, decorate. who knows, maybe someday scientists will find a way to communicate with animals using speech?

4. Bowl with scorched pattern

Pet Bowl With Your Own Hands - 5 Pleasant Ideas

Wooden things have always looked and look especially warm and beautiful. Not an exception and dishes for pets. It would seem that it is difficult to do even better, however, pick up a set for burning wood. and you will get the incredible: a beautiful thing will become even more beautiful, more interesting, more original.

5. Vintage bowl on stand

Pet Bowl With Your Own Hands - 5 Pleasant Ideas

If it is more convenient for your pet to eat from a raised bowl, this is also not a reason to pass by the notes, this is a reason to consider a master class on creating a bowl for a cat or a dog on a stand. Try to adapt for this something unusual, vintage. something that only you will have. Or rather, your cat. Or dogs.

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