Payment With Honor 9

Payment With Honor 9

Payment With Honor 9

Payment With Honor 9
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Profitable kit

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Great design. 3D curved glass

Honor 9 glass meets the highest quality standards and represents an excellent combination of ergonomics and style.

Photo Engraving Technology

The smartphone is processed using photo-engraving technology, which gives it an amazing appearance. The surface of Honor 9 shimmers like the expanse of a mountain lake.

Metal frame

The curved 3D glass of the back panel is perfectly combined with the metal frame of the case, the smartphone is comfortable to hold in your hand.

Dual Camera 20MP 12MP

The dual main camera of the new Honor 9 will make you feel like a real photographer. The camera combines a monochrome 20 megapixel sensor and a color 12 megapixel sensor.

Great shots day and night

Don’t be afraid of the dark anymore! Special pixel binning technology allows you to take great pictures even in low light conditions. Honor 9 creates beautiful pictures both during the day and at night.

Dual hybrid zoom

The Honor 9 Dual Hybrid Zoom provides accurate and clean images. shooting quality is not lost even with a double zoom.

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Payment With Honor 9

Payment With Honor 9

Video: Payment With Honor 9

Short videos

In the Quik app, you can create short video stories from photos and videos in a few taps and share them with family and friends.

over, in Honor 9, a function is available that records a short video for 2 seconds each time a photograph is taken to capture the moment before and after the picture.

This gives incredible charm to your Quik stories.

Huawei Histen Technology

Huawei Histen 3D audio technology delivers surround sound music. By connecting headphones to the Honor 9, you can enjoy your favorite music and perfectly clear sound. Feel like a concert anywhere and anytime!

The Honor 9 audio effects convey the unique sound of a variety of musical styles. In partnership with Monster, the Honor Purity Equalizer was developed for Honor 9, which delivers the purest sound from both high and low frequencies.

Top performance

The Honor 9 smartphone is extremely efficient. The smartphone is equipped with a Kirin 960 processor, whose performance is 18% higher, and the speed of the graphics card is 180% faster than other models of the latest generation.

Payment With Honor 9

EMUI 5.1

The EMUI 5.1 interface examines user habits and accurately predicts their behavior. This increases the speed of opening applications by an average of 20%. The new EMUI 5.1 Game Performance Cruise System optimization system reduces power consumption during games, extending the battery life of the smartphone without recharging.

Payment With Honor 9

Superb screen

The Honor 9 is equipped with a 5.15 ”FHD screen with a pixel density of 428 PPI, color saturation increased to 96%.

The operation mode in direct sunlight, the night mode and the vision protection mode provide comfortable use of the smartphone in any conditions.

Payment With Honor 9

Powerful battery

The powerful 3200 mAh battery and Smart Power 5.0 energy-saving technology ensure the long life of the Honor 9 without recharging.

For example, a smartphone supports up to 78 hours of offline music playback.

9V 2A SuperCharge fast charging technology allows you to charge your smartphone from 0% to 40% charge in half an hour.

Smart fingerprint scanner

The Honor 9 front fingerprint sensor allows you to quickly unlock the device. It supports self-learning technology, which improves the speed of unlocking and the degree of protection of the smartphone.

Compared to other brand devices. Actual product specifications are subject to usage conditions.

Actual product specifications are subject to usage conditions.

Honor 9 only supports 9V 2A fast charging when using the included charger. Actual charging time will vary depending on the charger used and environmental conditions.

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