On iPhone Shows Headphones On

In some cases, after listening to music on an iOS device through the headphones, the sound in the speakers completely disappears. Sometimes, at the same time, a volume icon is displayed on the device, which does not respond to changes in sound level. The problem is quite rare, but this still happens.

Why does the iPhone believe that headphones are connected to it, although this is not so?

The bottom line is: you listen to music on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, remove the headphones and. system notifications, sounds, ringtones are no longer played through the built-in speaker. There may be several reasons, but the most common are:

  • Failure when the plug is removed from the device.
  • You disconnected the headphones while the device was performing internal operations.
  • You have used headphones or a headset of inadequate quality.
  • The problem is with the 3.5mm jack.

Software or hardware problem

In fact, not only hardware problems, but also a failure of the operating system can lead to such an incident. As practice shows, in the vast majority of victims, the problem manifested itself precisely because of a banal error. What can be done in this case:

Insert and remove plug from the nest headphones. It is likely that iOS did not have time to determine that the headphones were removed. If the user sharply pulled out the plug, the system may continue to believe that they are still connected. Sometimes it is enough to insert and pull out the headphones several times so that the device starts working normally again.

Connect other headphones. It can really help. If the problem is a plug-in accessory. Yes, yes, especially if it costs less than 300 rubles.

The problem of poor-quality accessories is not new, but to make sure that it’s not just your headphones, it would be nice to try an alternative.

Reboot device. A simple reboot of the device may solve your problem. Together with the Chinese headset and a crash in the OS, it is quite possible to ensure that the smartphone does not understand what happened.

Check headphone jack. If none of the methods above helped you, then it’s time to apply the deduction method. But what if something got into the 3.5mm iPhone connector? Various contaminants can short-circuit the headphone and smartphone contacts. Take the flashlight and look inward. If something really got in there, you can use a toothpick or cotton swab to clean the connector.

Remember that everyone needs a measure. Squeezing with all his might and scrolling along the walls is also not the best option.

On iPhone Shows Headphones On

Restore or update iOS. If there are no problems with either the connector or the system, you can use a more radical method.

Try updating iOS from DFU mode. There is a chance that after the update everything will fall into place. Especially if you have any tweaks of the system installed.


Service center

Unfortunately, if the methods described above did not lead to the desired result, then the last thing you can advise is to contact an authorized service center. You should not try to disassemble the device yourself, even if you are confident in your abilities. It often happens that the violations are associated with damage to the circuit board after moisture. Some users report a problem with sound after the iPhone has been in the water or damaged by spilled liquids.