On iPhone Does Not Enough Memory What To Do

On iPhone Does Not Enough Memory What To Do

Not enough memory on an iPhone what to do? Every Iphone owner asks himself this question sooner or later. And if users of Android devices can simply install a memory card, then the lucky owners of iOS devices will have to understand the matter more deeply.

There is not enough memory on the iPhone what to do

Unfortunately iPhone users with a small amount of memory, it tends to run out. However, as practice shows, a lot of memory is occupied by what we do not use. The main consumers of memory are videos, photos and applications. Let’s figure it out together, how can we unload the memory of our device from them.

Upload photos to the cloud

If your photos take up a lot of memory on an iPhone, just upload them to the cloud. It is free and you can download a huge amount. over, these photos will be available to you anywhere and even if you suddenly find yourself without your beloved iPhone.

The most popular services are

Both of these services enable their users to get an unlimited place in the cloud. You can configure the work so that the upload of photos will occur every time you connect to WiFi or mobile Internet. It makes sense to limit the download of photos only via WiFi, in order to avoid unnecessary traffic consumption. With this method of storing photos, you can safely delete them if there is not enough space, because we already have them stored on the cloud. It is also important not to forget to empty the trash, in which your deleted files will remain for another 30 days.

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Free up space from applications that do not work

We use a very useful, but unknown to many, setting for unloading unused applications.

If you know where to look, then finding it is quite simple:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to iTunes&Appstore.
  3. Choose an option Download unused (lowest option).

Many users have the habit of installing applications and deferring their analysis for later. So they wait for months of their time. This hour will come or not sometimes even the user himself does not know. Now these applications, in anticipation, will cease to occupy the device’s memory. When this setting works, all unused applications are unloaded from memory. In this case, all user data remains saved. If the application is reinstalled, it will be possible to continue working with it without any inconvenience.

We are looking for what else takes iPhone memory

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to The main.
  3. Open IPhone storage.

Here you will find applications that take up a large amount of your disk space. It can be

  • messengers with a huge number of messages, photos and video files;
  • navigators with downloaded city maps that you traveled before
  • any other application with a lot of stored data.

Review the data and delete those that are not needed.

Delete music that you have downloaded, listened to, and forgotten

There is not enough memory on the iPhone what to do. delete forgotten tunes. To do this, you need:

  1. We go in Settings.
  2. Go to Music.
  3. Choose Storage Optimization.

After activating this setting, tracks that have not been played for a long time will be deleted automatically when free space is needed.

Delete Correspondence Archives in iMessage

Many iPhone owners do not delete correspondence for months and years. Using this simple setup you can entrust this to your iPhone! To do this, you need:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Messages.
  3. Open Message History.
  4. Select Leave messages.
  5. Then it remains only to choose the most important messages, such as from a bank or from a wife, the rest can be safely set a deadline for auto-removal of 30 days.

Now, if you do not have enough memory on an iPhone, what do you know. These simple methods will help you to give up with free memory, even if you have 16 or 32 GB on your iPhone.

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