Office Gopro 4 With Computer Completely

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  • November 14, 2013, 08:41

WiGo is a program for managing camera settings, viewing previews and downloading photos and videos directly from a computer via WiFi.

This is a beta version, so you use it at your own peril and risk (i.e., theoretically, the program can harm your camera). The responsibility lies entirely with you. The authors of the program completely relieve themselves of any responsibility for the harm done to your camera.

Some time after the release of the application for GoPro on the iPhone, many curious users began to catalog the WiFi commands that operate this application. Users were very generous and shared their experiences in various forums. Of particular note is dough29, who took an active part in writing documentation, and also created RemoteGo, an application on Android, for controlling the camera. When creating WiGo, the above works were used. Thanks you!
Before you start using WiGo, you will need to do the following:

  • Update the camera firmware to 198 or higher.
  • If you use BacPac WiFi, then using CineForm Studio you will need to configure the SSID (Wifi name) and password for BacPac.
  • On the camera in WiFi settings, select PHONE & TABLET.
  • Use standard Windows tools to join the camera via Wifi. But remember, if you also have WiFi over the Internet, then by joining the camera you will not have Internet.
  • Download and install the latest version of WiGo.
  • If you want to see a preview in real time, you will need this program VLC Media Player from VideoLAN.

WiGo does not require installation. Just download and run. Perhaps Windows and your browser will tell you that this is not a safe program. This is normal, the program is safe. Downloading from an unfamiliar resource is always dangerous; never install WiGo or any other programs from unfamiliar sites. If you download from, then you download directly from the site of the author of the program. The program does not contain any viruses. Once again: never download WiGo from anywhere, except from

First, select Options to set the IP address and password that WiGo will use when working with the camera. Now the default IP is, but GoPro may soon change it. The password is the same that you set when either flashing the camera or in CineFrom Studio. The default password is goprohero. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it either through CineFrom or on the site during a flashing.

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Video: Office Gopro 4 With Computer Completely

So, Options then select Path to VLC. You need to choose the path to vlc.exe on your computer. It is usually located at C: \ Program Files (x86) \ VideoLAN \ VLC.
If you enable Enable Streaming Preview, this will allow you to see in real time where the camera is looking in low resolution. Previews can be used in all modes. The VLC button will be available for pressing when the preview can be seen through the VLC player.
In later versions, a preview window will be built into the program itself. So far, this function can only be used with the VLC player.
VLC by the way is a very powerful player. When you see a video through VLC, you can share it on a local network, or even broadcast it in real time on the Internet (here is how to do it).

In the Mode menu, you can select the camera mode.

Office Gopro 4 With Computer Completely

In the Settings menu, you can set various camera settings. Some settings are not active and they will have to be set on the camera itself. They are included in the menu for your convenience. But most of the standard settings are available.
But remember that there is a slight delay after applying the settings! After selecting the command, it will be sent to the camera and after it accepts the settings, the menu in the program will be updated and the desired mode will be marked. Be patient!
Attention: if you press the buttons on the camera or send the settings, before the camera is ready for use, it may freeze. It will be enough to remove and reinsert the battery.

Office Gopro 4 With Computer Completely

The Set Date and Time function will set the same time as on your computer. The date can be edited manually. You can use any characters as separators, for example: 2 10 26 22 23 00 the same as 12/10/26 22:23:00 or 12.10.26 22:23:00. The main thing to bring to mind: GG.MM.DD

In Sd Card you will get access to files recorded on a flash drive in the camera. Delete Last and Delete All will delete the last and delete everything accordingly (the same commands as in the camera itself).
By clicking View (f5 key) you will open a web browser with your camera page. From this page you can view or download images or videos from your camera. But remember that a WiFi connection is not as fast as reading directly from an SD card. But sometimes it’s convenient to see images in full resolution without moving the camera.

Hover over the buttons to get hints.
Preview can also be used during shooting.
In the bottom window you can see several options. We plan to use graphics and pictures instead, but for now enjoy the 8 bit graphics.
The recording time of the current video is displayed in large and easy to read font.
Press the VLC button to enable preview using the VLC window.

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