Nursery Labradors Tierni

Ideally playpen for dogs must be square or close to it. The minimum size of the arena is 1.5 × 2 m. But the more is the playpen, the faster the puppies will learn to go to the toilet in a certain place, and to sleep and play in another. If there is not enough space, the puppies tread where they went to the toilet. And no matter how you try to immediately remove all the piles, anyway, the children will get very dirty and have a characteristic smell of urine and poo. In such an arena there will be a favorable atmosphere for all kinds of bacterial infections.

Nursery Labradors Tierni

If your playpen is smaller than the recommended size, then when the puppies can confidently stand on their feet, they will need additional space for walking. 2-3 times a day for 20-25 minutes, they will have to be let out to the apartment and watch so that the puppies do not nibble and injure themselves. If your playpen is of sufficient size, you will still have to release puppies, approximately from the age of 48 days.

Raw materials

As the material for the playpen, it is best to use laminated chipboard, it is easy to clean and disinfect, it has a smooth surface that is hard to hook onto with a tooth and on which there are no splinters. Connection – a bar on corners (inside) on self-tapping screws. Top strengthened corners.

A very important point: all the fixings must be made in such a way that the puppy does not have the opportunity to gnaw the screws, bolts and other hardware!

If you are making a playpen from wood or plywood, then you need to immediately soak it with something non-toxic, such as Aquatex or the like, so it is tidier and more practical.


Walls of an arena should be continuous. Grid walls or walls with slots (fence) are very often the cause of various injuries. Also, they do not protect puppies from drafts. And the absence of drafts is essential when raising puppies of any breed.

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The height of the walls depends on the length of your legs. Make the walls so that it is convenient for you to step over them, but, at the same time, so that the grown-up puppies cannot climb or jump over them, about 70cm.

Arena for dogs should be a stable reinforced structure capable of withstanding daily jumping of a dozen puppies on one of its walls. Most often suffers a wall in which there is a playpen door.

In one of the walls (as a rule, short) with a space of about 20 cm from the corner make the door. The lower edge of the door is located at a height of 18 cm from the floor, the upper edge is not lower than the walls of the arena. The door is hung on 2-3 hinges. Two valves are installed on the inner side (one is not enough – they will be knocked out).

Under the door there is a 10-18 cm threshold, so that little puppies do not fall out, and the bitch can easily enter and leave the arena. Soon, when the bitch starts to limit feeding, and the puppies try to climb over the threshold, the door simply closes, and the bitch runs inside at her request.

Some make the door of plexiglass so that the bitch can see the puppies, and they could watch what is happening in the room, it is important to them for socialization.


Pay attention to the side width of 7-9 cm, which runs inside the arena, along all the walls. This detail allows the owners to sleep peacefully at night, because the puppy that rolled behind the mother will not be damaged, it will simply be in the space between the back of the bitch and the wall. The height at which the side is attached is 7-9 cm.

Nursery Labradors Tierni

It is very convenient to lay a whole piece of linoleum under the whole pen. The edges are released outside and attached to the walls, forming a "trough". This will protect the floor from scratches, as well as from the leakage of urine. In no case do not make the floor of several connected pieces of linoleum. As soon as the puppies find a place to join, (and this will happen very quickly) they will immediately begin to crack the linoleum.

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If the room is badly heated and the floor is not heated, then the playpen must be further warmed. Under linoleum stack piece of insulation. An infrared lamp is suspended from above so that the temperature below it is about 28 degrees.

While puppies are small, special rugs made of faux fur are laid on the linoleum. An absorbent diaper or newspaper layer is placed under the rug. The surface of synthetic fibers quickly let the moisture in, but does not let it out. Thus, puppies constantly have a warm, dense and, most importantly, dry litter, and the legs on such a cover do not slip. The rug is easy to wash, dries very quickly, does not absorb odors and maintains a good appearance for a long time.

If you can not buy rugs, then on the floor of the arena you can lay a small padding padding. If the bitch has abundant discharge, then human diapers are laid over the blankets. When there is less discharge, diapers are replaced with bed linen and all sorts of rags. As they are polluted, they are replaced with clean ones, and they are washed in a washing machine at high temperature.

When the puppies grow up and start learning to walk, a layer of newspapers or diapers is laid over the linoleum, and on top are placed rugs that can be purchased at OBI, Ikea or on the construction market. Thanks to the rug, the paws of puppies do not disperse, and all moisture is absorbed by diapers. Rugs are easily erased in a typewriter and dry quickly.

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As they grow up (closer to 2 months), thin litter will become irrelevant, puppies will easily knock them down in games, and a more weighty option will be needed. Then a layer of newspapers is laid over the linoleum, and foamy bath mats are placed on the newspapers.

The size and number of the rugs should be calculated so that in the arena at the same time 3-4 rugs lay, and as many more were in stock. As the pollution is removed, part of the rugs are taken out, and they are laid out with clean dried ones for replacement. During the day, the process of changing all the rugs is repeated about 2-3 times.

Playpen care

Every morning you will need to carry out a full treatment and washing the arena. Puppies are removed from the playpen and transferred to another room.

Clean all dirty newspapers, rags, rugs, etc. The floor and walls of the arena are cleaned with disinfectants (Domestos, Allaminol or Parvovirucide from The Animal Health). After applying any of these preparations, the floor and walls of the arena can be treated with a special preparation to eliminate unpleasant odors. Remember, all washing preparations are toxic for puppies, so be sure to wash the playpen completely! During cleaning the room is ventilated.

After the playpen has been washed, it is wiped dry (it is most convenient with a cheap microfiber cloth) and left to quartz. For quartz treatment using a special UV lamp. After 15 minutes, the window is closed, the whole playpen is covered again with clean newspapers, rugs, rags and, as soon as the room temperature reaches a comfortable one, the puppies are started back to the playpen.

By the way! For those whose feces smell causes nausea, you can purchase a special spray foam that is sprayed with feces. As the manufacturer promises, after this procedure, removing poop is a pleasure;) The spray is called Scoopy.

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