Novice Dog Breeders – What To Do If A Dog Swallows A Bone

As you know, dogs love to gnaw the bones proposed by the owner. As a rule, there is no cause for concern, and dog owners are confident in the safety of their pet. However, sometimes pets swallow bones, which can lead to a deterioration of the body or even the death of a pet. What if a dog swallows a bone? What consequences can a pet and its owner expect?

Novice Dog Breeders - What To Do If A Dog Swallows A Bone


If a pet has swallowed a bone, do not panic. Perhaps there is no cause for concern, although, of course, there are times when a dog’s life is in danger. What can happen to a pet if it swallows a bone?

  1. If the bone was small, it is possible that it will simply digest in the stomach and will not cause any problems with the pet’s health. In order to verify the safety of the dog, it is necessary to observe it for several days. If her condition does not change, most likely, there is no reason for concern.
  2. If the bone is irregularly shaped, it can get stuck in the mouth. This can make breathing difficult. So that the dog does not die from lack of air, it is necessary to urgently assist the animal.
  3. Intestinal obstruction. Bone can get stuck in the esophagus or small intestine. The pet will begin severe spasms, there is a strong impairment of blood circulation, tissue necrosis, and subsequently an intestinal rupture occurs. Lack of proper treatment, and sometimes surgery, leads to the fact that the dog dies later peritonitis.
Novice Dog Breeders - What To Do If A Dog Swallows A Bone

What to do?

If a dog has swallowed a bone, its owner must take the necessary measures.

  1. Watching a pet. To diagnose or make sure the pet’s health, it is necessary to monitor its behavior. If you notice that the pet has become sluggish, passive, has lost its appetite, interest in games and communication with relatives, then there is cause for concern. In this case, you must contact the veterinary clinic.
  2. During the first examination, the veterinarian is not always able to accurately and accurately determine the disease. For accurate diagnosis, you will have to pass additional tests and carry out the necessary procedures.
  3. The dog needs careful care and observation, both during the illness and after it. Even after the dog has fully recovered, continue to monitor her condition and behavior.
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Do not postpone the visit to the vet! In order for the treatment to be as effective as possible, you need to consult a doctor on the same day when the dog swallowed the bone. Necessary help and procedures can save the life of a pet!

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