Novice Dog Breeders – How To Teach A Dog To A Muzzle

As you know, big dogs are required to wear a muzzle in public places. Pet owners should teach them to muzzle from an early age so that the process of getting used to the accessory does not become painful for either the dog or its owner.

What is the muzzle for?

The safety of others is not the only reason to accustom the dog to a muzzle. There are other benefits of this accessory.

  1. It helps protect owners and other pets from all sorts of injuries, bites and fights.
  2. The muzzle allows you to insure yourself from poisoning the pet, picking up leftover food, rotten meat or garbage outside.
  3. This accessory is irreplaceable during stressful situations, especially during grooming or check-ups at the vet. Even if the dog is prone to manifestations of aggression during unpleasant procedures, the muzzle will protect other people from the bites of the animal.
  4. Muzzle greatly facilitate relations with others during a walk. Even if the dog is well brought up and obedient to its owner, people tend not to trust animals without this accessory and constitute a negative opinion about their owner. Using a muzzle will greatly simplify daily life and make the atmosphere more pleasant for walking.
Novice Dog Breeders - How To Teach A Dog To A Muzzle

What should be considered when teaching the dog to muzzle?

There are several basic principles that must be considered when the pet is accustomed to its new accessory.

  1. The dog is much easier to get used to the muzzle at an early age (2-5 months) than in mature. Adult pets are prone to manifestations of aggression and irritation in the process of adaptation, although the reaction of the animal to the actions of the owner depends on education.
  2. If the dog is used to walking without a muzzle, it will feel discomfort. Initially, it is difficult for a pet to get used to the presence of an unfamiliar object on its mouth, because it significantly limits the freedom of the dog.
  3. In order for the process of getting used to the muzzle to be fast and successful, it is necessary to choose the right accessory. There is a large selection of manufacturers and models of muzzles, but leather goods with small holes inside are considered the most comfortable.
  4. In the process of choosing an accessory, not only the material and the shape of the product, but also its size are important. If the muzzle is too small or large, the pet will feel discomfort.
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The process of training dogs

If you teach a dog to a muzzle, it is necessary to approach this business thoughtfully and responsibly. There are several rules for teaching a dog to a new accessory.

  1. Choose a quiet place for the procedure. It is necessary that the dog was calm and ready to communicate with the owner.
  2. Prepare a treat to encourage the dog after the muzzle is dressed.
  3. At first, this accessory does not need to be worn for a long period of time. It is enough if the dog is muzzled for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Before you put the accessory on the animal, you must acquaint him with an unfamiliar object. Let the dog sniff an unfamiliar thing so that it doesn’t have any fear.
  5. After the pet calmly applies to the muzzle, calmly put it on the face. Encourage the dog. If she becomes nervous, distract her with the game, and calm behavior with a treat.
  6. In the process of learning to muzzle important gradualness. You should not immediately put an unfamiliar object on the pet, you must first teach the dog to a new thing.
  7. Do not skimp on delicacies. Encourage your dog until he begins to associate the muzzle with positive things – dainty, play, etc.
  8. Keep patience and calm during the procedure. Remember that pets feel good emotions of the owner.

Schooling a dog for a muzzle is an important part in raising a dog. By correctly adapting your puppy to this accessory, you will significantly simplify your future life!

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