Not Updated Xiaomi Redmi 4x

Not Updated Xiaomi Redmi 4x

Xiaomi’s technology is distinguished not only by its excellent price-quality ratio, but also by the desire of developers to constantly improve their devices with the help of update outputs. Transparency and full support are what the manufacturer loves. Unfortunately, the localization of OTA updates is far from always smooth and successful, which leads to problems for owners of certain devices, regions, etc. Next, we will show what to do if your Xiaomi is not updated by air.

Most often, such owners of Xiaomi phones face this problem: Redmi Note 3-4-4x, Redmi Pro 3-4, Mi5, Mi Max and others. By the way, some statistics. there are no such problems on gadgets with Chinese firmware. In rare cases, it is recommended to install it in order to protect yourself from bugs.

Xiaomi updates do not come

What to do?

First, check the following. whether Auto-update is enabled in the settings, are there any current firmware for your model, is the Internet stable. If this is all right, then go to the steps below. Some options are effective, but difficult for inexperienced, while others are easy, but not always effective. Let’s study them in detail.

Attention! Before applying the following, check if your bootloader is unlocked on your smartphone. There are tons of instructions on the web about this.

Location selection

If the update by air does not occur, then you can try changing the region. In some cases, this helps solve the problem. As the region of residence, you can choose: Indonesia, India, Vietnam, China or other countries of the East. Here is the instruction for changing the region in Xiaomi:

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  1. Open “Settings”.
  2. In chapter “System and device” select item “Additionally”.
  3. Click on the inscription “Region” and set the country from the list.
  4. After that, it is better to reboot the device and then check the available updates.

Change of region in XIAOMI phones

Manual updates

If automatic updating did not work out, then you have to take on the procedure yourself. As you know, any manual update is a potential risk. If you want the device to remain under warranty, then you must do everything according to the instructions and use only the factory firmware specifically for your device. Otherwise, there is a risk not only of losing free service, but also turning the device into a “brick”.

Before carrying out all the procedures, you need to find out the version and type of MIUI firmware. You can define it in the settings by selecting “About the phone”. Pay attention to the digital version and type of firmware. The type of firmware includes the following options:

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  • Global stable and Global developer;
  • China stable and China developer.

Please note that the number of digits in these cases is 4, but if there are more digits, then you have a device with custom firmware. For example, official, and custom.

An example of official (Global) firmware

If you want to change the version of Stable to Developer, you must first find out the compatibility. Developer. A version of developers that contains a lot of new things, but can have a large number of bugs. Stable. A stable version that is optimized as much as possible, and the number of errors is reduced to a minimum. A couple of tips before starting the update.

  1. You can not install a version below the existing one.
  2. It is recommended that you install updates of the same type.

In some cases, the device may not see the firmware file. To avoid this, upload the file directly through the device, followed by moving to the root of the directory through the file manager. Alternative. transfer the rom-file to MicroSD (if there is such a slot), insert the USB flash drive into the phone, transfer it to the root of the internal memory.

Update “through 3 points”
  1. Charge the gadget at least 60% (better than 100%).
  2. We check the version and type of firmware, and download the appropriate one. You can do this from
  3. After downloading, we place the archive (without unpacking) on ​​the device in the root of the directory.
  4. Open settings, click “About the phone”, and activate the update check.
  5. After the notification: “No updates”, a context menu will be displayed at the top, which can be opened by clicking on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  6. Select item “Select firmware file” and find the uploaded.
  7. Follow the instructions on the device.

Install downloaded rom firmware

Before completing the procedures, do not press any buttons on the phone. only an answer to the prompts that appear on the screen. If you get an error “Failed to verify the installation file” during the download, then you can use the program on the computer Mi flash or Mi PC Suite, through which you can easily install updates.

Installation via Recovery

I must make a reservation right away. this method is recommended for advanced users. Instructions for updating Xiaomi through Recovery.

  1. Repeat step 1-3 of the update instructions through 3 points. Before moving the archive to the phone’s memory, you need to give it a name:
  2. Turn off or restart the device. When turning on, hold power button and volume up.
  3. For reliability, erase third-party data on the phone. To do this, run the “Wipe cache ” and “Wipe User Data ”.

Erasing temporary files on your phone

Installing updates through Recovery Xiaomi

After rebooting, your phone will be updated and ready to use. Do not forget that personal data will be erased. We also recommend transferring important information to a PC or removable media and removing it.