Not Charging Tablet Samsung Tab S4

Not Charging Tablet Samsung Tab S4

Screen 10.5" TFT (1920×1200) capacitive MultiTouch / Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 (1.8 GHz) / RAM 3 GB / 32 GB of internal memory microSD / 3G / LTE / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 4.2 / main camera 8 megapixels, front. 5 MP / GPS / GLONASS / Android 8.1 (Oreo) / 534 g / black

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Description tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2018 10.5

Joy for your eyes
Check out the new Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5) optimized for home use. A tablet with a 10.5-inch screen with the effect of complete immersion, four speakers with surround sound and a high-capacity battery is designed for the whole family.

Member of your family
So that you can immerse yourself in what is happening on the tablet’s screen during family viewing, the new Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5) is equipped with a 10.5 ”16:10 screen with thin frames.

Surround yourself with amazing quality sound
Enjoy the richness of a whole world of sounds with four built-in speakers. One at each corner of the tablet, the speakers automatically rearrange the sound based on the orientation of the screen when viewing. Dolby Atmos technology provides 3D surround sound, so what is happening on the screen is indistinguishable from reality.

Video: Not Charging Tablet Samsung Tab S4

Watch the video without thinking about time
Disconnect the Tab A tablet (2018, 10.5) from charging and take it with you. A powerful 7300 mAh battery allows you to play videos up to 15 hours, and fast charging technology in 3.5 hours will fully charge the tablet, and you do not have to wait long to continue working with the tablet.

Enhanced Performance
Thanks to the new processor and 3 GB of RAM in Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5), it was possible to achieve high performance and smooth operation. In addition, the tablet has 32 GB of internal memory and a micro SD card slot, which allows expanding the tablet’s memory up to 400 GB for storing large HD video files.

Useful even in standby mode.
In sleep mode, the Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5) turns into a smart home display. If the tablet is charging or "sleeping"then using the Daily Board function you can set the display mode of your favorite photos on the screen. In addition, the tablet can be a useful assistant and display on the screen the weather forecast, date and time, acting as your calendar.

One for the whole family
Thanks to its support for the Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5) multi-user mode, any member of your family can use it. Create a separate account for each family member (up to 8 users) who can change and save their own settings based on their preferences.

Security for every user
Children’s mode supports a simple and convenient interface that allows parents to control the time a child uses a tablet and access to content. Children can easily use educational, educational content and entertainment functions under the supervision of parents.

Entertaining and educational content for children
Galaxy Tab A (2018, 10.5) can be used as a tool for the education and development of your children. Suitable content can be found in Galaxy Apps for Kids and on the LEGO page. apps are available in free and paid versions.