Not Charging Iphone 4 What To Do

Not Charging Iphone 4 What To Do

One of the common problems of modern smartphones is the lack of battery power. At the same time, the batteries of such devices do not differ in increased capacity, so you will remain without communication after a maximum of two days. We will figure out what to do if the iPhone does not charge?

The main reasons for the failure when the iPhone is not charging

So that you do not drown in the flow of information, we have collected the main causes of failures and talked about each. Do not rush to the service center if you experience such a breakdown. Lack of battery power in most cases, you can fix it yourself.

Checking the charger

About a year after the usual (not too tidy use), the original cable fails. Many owners of smartphones in this case purchase non-original components, and then notice that the iPhone is not charging from charging. Chinese accessories are often a problem. If you suspect that the charger is out of order, then you need to replace the unit itself and the wire to it. You need to choose new accessories according to the rules:

  • do not buy too cheap chargers, their quality usually leaves much to be desired;
  • look at the power supply. it should give a current of 1A, so it should be indicated on the label;
  • if possible, purchase original wires and blocks.

If you are not sure what the reason is in the charger, then first try to check the smartphone with another accessory. But nevertheless, in most cases when iPhone 5 is not charging, the “charger” is to blame.

Checking the power source

You can connect the device to receive energy to:

  • car cigarette lighter;
  • any outlet;
  • USB port.

If you use car charging, then in most cases it’s not a cigarette lighter (check it with another device to make sure that the current is supplied with the necessary force). Sockets also rarely fail. Most often, those who are trying to charge a smartphone from a computer encounter problems with a power source.

If you are not charging iPhone 8 from the computer, then pay attention to the port to which you connected it. The latest versions of smartphones are very sensitive to the speed of data exchange and power, only ports 2.0 or 3.0 are suitable for them. You should not try to charge them through USB hubs or ports located on the keyboard.

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System crash and troubleshooting

If your smartphone is still working, but does not see the plug-in cable, then the problem may be in a small malfunction of the operating system. The main way to fix a small glitch is to reboot. For different devices, it is carried out according to the instructions:

  • when the iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus is not charging, you must press the volume up button, then decrease it and at the same time press the power button;
  • for device 7 and 7 Plus, you need to simultaneously press the bottom of the volume and power buttons;
  • on 6 and earlier versions, simultaneously hold down the power and home buttons.

These instructions will help when the iPhone does not show that it is charging due to minor system failures. Rebooting them will eliminate, and you can use your device without restrictions.

Inspect and clean the connector

Rarely, when iPhone 7 or earlier models do not charge, you have to change the power cable connector. In earlier versions of smartphones, this connector was often shaken from long use. To restore the functionality of the slot for the power cord, you can do the following:

  • gently clean it from dirt (accumulated dust) with a toothpick;
  • blow out the connector with a blower.

Do not blow out the connector with your mouth so that small particles of saliva do not get into it. It is also forbidden to use cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to clean the slots.

IPhone firmware failure

If the firmware failed and the iPhone does not see the charger, it is best to connect it to a computer to restore the software. To do this, you need to use a cable or Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone with iTunes. Then do the following:

  • in the left part of the window, click "Browse";
  • in the right click on the “Restore” button;
  • select the version using the “Restore from copy” button to which you want to roll back the device;
  • wait for the completion of the procedure.

The advantage of this option is that you can do it yourself and fix almost any firmware failure. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to restore when the battery is completely discharged. Part of the files that were stored on your device will be lost. But compared to the fact that your device starts charging again, data loss will not be a special problem.

Battery Wear

Most iPhone smartphones have lithium-ion batteries. They have their own resource of work and over time, you may notice that the battery began to discharge faster. You may notice the first signs of problems after a year. Most often, iPhone 6 does not charge due to a critical loss of battery capacity. At about 4-5 years of age, lithium-ion batteries begin to discharge very quickly, and then completely fail.

If worn, the battery must be replaced with a new one. This can be done on your own, if you have the tools and experience of repairing various devices at hand. But it is best to contact an authorized service center, as a malfunction may appear not only due to loss of battery capacity, but also due to other hardware problems.

What problems with the hardware can lead to cases when the iPhone is not charging

There are several main reasons why the iPhone does not charge. One of them is the failure of its components. Troubles can arise due to commonplace wear and tear or for other reasons:

  • mechanical damage (shock, fall from a height, vibration);
  • moisture inside the case (does not apply to phones whose case is protected from it);
  • the use of low-quality chargers, voltage drops.

In the latter case, the battery or power controller may be affected. Symptoms of malfunctioning of these parts of the device:

  • the phone does not charge;
  • abnormally fast battery loss;
  • the smartphone heats up when connected to a power source;
  • The device does not see the cable.

You can find out what reason led to the failure of the power controller only after diagnosing the device in the service center. After repair, you must carefully check the device. Ask in your presence to do the following:

  • connect the smartphone to a power source;
  • hold it on charge for several minutes so that you can see changes in the percentage of battery capacity;
  • check the device with your cable and power supply.

Also look at the work of all the other functions. If something warns you, it is best to leave the phone for repair, rather than pick it up. Sometimes the master may, by oversight, fail to check the operation of the device to the end or replace not all elements of the power circuit. It often happens that the service center replaces the battery, but does not solder the power controller on the board. In this case, the device will continue to heat up while charging or will not display the real percentage of capacity.

When can I fix a problem under warranty?

If you have recently purchased a smartphone and it is still under warranty, you can contact an authorized service center to repair the device. If the recovery is too expensive or lasts more than 45 days, then you will be exchanged for a new phone.

Few people know, but Apple extends the guarantee not only to the devices themselves, but also to their accessories. That is, you can come to the service center and exchange the failed charger. To do this, you will need to have on hand an Apple warranty card, original accessories and your smartphone. Replacement is free.

Warranty repair or replacement is not possible if the device or its accessories have failed due to your fault. It can be a blow, fall or other damage. If you have a warranty, then you should not try to disassemble the device yourself to fix it. It is best to contact authorized masters without delay.

Now you know what to do if the iPhone has stopped charging. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments. Share information with friends so that they can restore the functionality of their smartphone.