Nokia Lumia 925 Transfer Contacts

Fell in love with the elegant metal case of Lumiya 925? Do you like the bright design of the 720? Want to have the best mobile camera in the world with your Lumia 1020 smartphone? It’s not so important why you decided to change your iPhone to a Lumia smartphone, the main thing is that the transition to it will become very easy. Thanks to WP8 applications, you can set up your new smartphone very quickly.

Welcome to home

Welcome to Home for Windows Phone 8 allows you to transfer your personal information from iPhone to smartphones running Windows Phone. You can easily transfer calendar settings or contacts, as well as media files such as iTunes playlists, photos, and videos. In addition, with the help of this program, you can find analogues of applications that were installed on your iPhone.

Nokia Lumia 925 Transfer Contacts

Download “Welcome to Home”

Transfer My Data

The “Data Transfer” application is installed by default on all Windows Phone 8 smartphones from Nokia, which makes it the fastest and easiest way to copy contacts not only from iPhone, but also from almost any other Symbian, Android or BlackBerry phone, via Bluetooth. Some phones may have the ability to send messages and photos. Transfer My Data copies all the data to the Windows Phone People hub, from where you can call or write a message.

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Download “Data Transfer”

If using these applications you did not manage to transfer everything you need, then use the migration tips:


If you store contacts on an account on the Internet, then you can synchronize them automatically by simply setting up a Windows Phone account on your phone.

Contacts can be transferred from iPhone by synchronizing them with MS Outlook.

To do this, you must:

The calendar

With a calendar, actions are similar to contacts.

post office

It is very easy to configure mail. for this you need to go to Menu->Settings-> mail accounts and select the desired account. The features of Windows Phone 8 allow you to receive letters from different accounts in one mailbox.


Each owner of Nokia Lumia can store up to 7 GB of data in the Sky Drives cloud storage for free, but anyone can register and receive a free account. Transfer data from iPhone to SkyDrive, and then log into this account with your Lumia.

If you store files on Google Drive or Icloud, you can simply download the files to your computer and then upload them to your phone.

Music and photos

To transfer music, photos and videos from iTunes to Win Phone 8, you should use the Windows Phone Desktop Application, which can be done very quickly and easily. In the application, you just need to go to the settings and in the Sync section, select iTunes. Further actions will tell the user-friendly interface of the program.

If you have other ways on how to transfer data to a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, share them in the comments.