Nokia Lumia 720 Cannot Connect To Wifi

The mobile operating system Windows Phone is now very actively developing, and this is hard to argue. I also have a Windows Phone phone (Nokia Lumia 925), and I am very pleased with it. Honestly, Android is tired, I want something new. But this article is not about my Lumia, and not about which OS is better. Phones on this operating system work stably, and in terms of accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi, everything is just as good.

For example, for several months I did not notice a single problem in which Nokia Lumia would not want to connect to Wi-Fi, or the Internet would not work.

But, as I noticed, various questions arise about the problems that still arise when trying to connect a Windows Phone phone to Wi-Fi, or after connecting. As a rule, these are problems when a connection to a wireless network is established, but sites on the phone do not open. Or, for example, when Nokia Lumia does not see a Wi-Fi network. over, he does not see only one, the desired network, but sees the neighboring ones.

In this article, we will try to figure out why there may be problems with connecting your Windows Phone phone to wireless networks, and how to solve these problems. At the moment, version WP 8 (I will show with an example of this version), an update to Windows Phone 8.1 will be released soon. Perhaps there will be some changes in the work with wireless networks.

Windows Phone connects to Wi-Fi, but the Internet does not work

This is probably the most popular problem. And as a rule, this is not the smartphone that is to blame, but the access point itself (router). You connect the phone to the network, I wrote how to do this in this article, it connects (status: connection is established), but when you try to open the site in the browser, an error appears: “Cannot display the page”. Applications such as VKontakte, Twitter, Skype cannot access the Internet.

Nokia Lumia 720 Cannot Connect To Wifi

How to check what is the matter?

Everything is very simple, if you connect other devices to your router via Wi-Fi, and the Internet works fine for them, then the problem is most likely with the phone (Nokia Lumia). But, if the Internet on other devices also does not work, then the problem is in the router. Perhaps it is not configured correctly. In this case, see this article “Without access to the Internet”. we decide the main reason. We configure the Wi-Fi router to work with the provider. Or just forgot to pay for the Internet.

How to fix the problem?

To get started, restart your Windows Phone smartphone, and router.

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If the problem persists, it is worth checking to see if you accidentally turned on manual proxy server settings on your phone. This problem very often occurs on Android devices.

Video: Nokia Lumia 720 Cannot Connect To Wifi

Go into the Wi-Fi settings, and click on your network. Select “Edit“. Make sure that the “Proxy server”Was off.

Nokia Lumia 720 Cannot Connect To Wifi

Try connecting your phone to another network and see how it will work with it.

Problems Connecting Windows Phone to Wi-Fi

Most often, problems appear even when trying to connect to a wireless network.

Another popular mistake is the incorrect password for the wireless network. Immediately I advise you to remember the password in one of the ways from this article. If you incorrectly enter the password when connecting, then first the connection will take a very long time, and then a message appears that to connect to the network, you need to enter the password again.

Nokia Lumia 720 Cannot Connect To Wifi

It may also be that your phone does not like the type of security that is set in the settings of your router. You can try changing the password, and other security settings, here is the instruction.

When a smartphone cannot get an IP address

Typically, routers themselves distribute IP addresses; a DHCP server is enabled on them. But, it happens that DHCP is disabled for some reason (when, for example, IP is manually registered on devices). Honestly, I did not find how you can manually register an IP address on Windows Phone 8. I think that in Windows Phone 8.1, this problem will be fixed.

If your phone cannot get an IP, then you will most likely see an error, something like: “The phone cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network because the network is not responding. Please try again later. ”. Or, next to the name of the network, there will simply be an inscription “Protected”.

Nokia Lumia 720 Cannot Connect To Wifi

You need to check if the DHCP server is enabled in the router settings. If not, then enable it. How to do this, I wrote in a separate article. See after the heading “Check if the DHCP server on the Wi-Fi router is turned on”.

You can also try changing the mode of operation on which your wireless network is running. Try for example only n, or g.

Nokia Lumia does not see Wi-Fi network

When I write Nokia Lumia, then I will enter any phone on Windows Phone, well, you understand.

I highlighted a problem on some forum that Lumia (I don’t remember exactly which model) didn’t see the home wireless network. She simply was not on the list of networks available for connection. The problem is not rare, and can be observed on any device.

I even wrote a separate article on this issue. A laptop (phone, tablet) does not see a home Wi-Fi network (it sees neighboring ones), read it.

So, in the case of Microsoft’s OS, I’ll also advise you to change the channel on which the router broadcasts your wireless network. How to do this is described in detail here. Since it is the interference on the channel that usually causes such problems. Try some static channel, not Auto mode. And do not put the channel above the 12th.


It seems to have written about all the popular problems. If you are faced with some other problem in the Internet via Wi-Fi on Windows Phone, or you know some new solutions to the above problems, you can share useful information in the comments. Don’t be lazy

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