Nokia Lumia 710 Vibrates But Doesn't Turn On

In this article we will look what to do if Nokia Lumia 1320 does not turn on and similar Lumia smartphones, try reinstalling the firmware with the program "Lumia Software Recovery Tool" on a non-working phone.

If for some reason it hangs, Nokia Lumiya does not turn on or does not turn on after updating firmware then you can try reinstalling the software using the Lumia Software Recovery Tool. This program will help to correct the errors that have occurred and restore the software on phones with the Windows Phone 8 operating system, with its help you can fix a phone that does not turn on.

Attention. Everything that you do with your phone, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk! The site administration is not responsible in the event of a malfunction of your phone, since no one is safe from this. If you have a new phone that is under warranty or you are afraid that your phone may deteriorate by using this method, then you can contact the service center. Good luck.

Nokia Lumia 710 Vibrates But Doesnt Turn On

And so if our Nokia Lumia 1320 or a similar Lumia smartphone does not turn on, then you can try reinstalling the phone firmware. First you need to download the program "Lumia Software Recovery Tool" from the official site for this, follow this link and download the direct link. To work with the program, a Windows 7 or newer version must be installed on the computer; the program weighs about 18 MB.

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Attention! Applying this recovery method, all information will be deleted on the phone, including contacts and installed applications. Before upgrading the software, fully charge your phone, or at least at least 20 minutes. During the installation of the firmware, you cannot use the phone, as well as turn it on and off or do other actions with the phone.

After you have downloaded and installed the program on your computer "Lumia Software Recovery Tool", you need to run it, after which you will see the main screen of the program. Next, disconnect all the phones connected to the computer and click in the window at the bottom of the program "The phone does not start or does not answer". After that, a new window should appear with the inscription Disconnect all phones, click "Proceed". Further we connect Nokia Lumia to the computer via a USB cable, if the phone asks for a connection mode, select Nokia Suite or Modem. After Nokia Lumia detects it, follow the instructions in the program window. Agree to install the software by clicking on "Install" and agree that everything in the phone will be deleted, put a tick and click "Proceed". Next, we will wait a bit while compatibility testing, downloading and installing software on the phone, depending on the speed of the Internet connection. Next, your phone will restart. After completing the firmware process, if necessary, turn on the phone manually.