Nokia Lumia 630 Install Android

Before you perform various actions on your device, we recommend that you read this article in full.

Owners of Nokia smartphones running on OS MeeGo or Symbian sometimes decide to improve the functionality of these devices by installing OS Android. The fundamental possibility of reinstalling OS MeeGo is quite real, especially since OS Android does not replace, but supplements it.

What do we need

Nokia Lumia 630 Install Android

Operating procedure

1. On the smartphone connected to the Internet, through the menu, we launch the developer mode by successively clicking on “Parameters”.> Security”.> Developer Mode, after which the system will download and install the necessary utilities and components.

2. Also using the menu:

  • disable the phone lock: “Parameters”. > “Security”. > “Device Lock”.> “Auto Lock”;
  • delete accounts (after all operations they will be restored): “Parameters”. >”Device”. >”SIM card”. >PIN Request.

3. Start the firmware with dual boot support by downloading the firmware on the PC (file WinFlasher_3.12.1.exe or another version), then run it and install it on drive C in the Flasher folder.

4. Download the dual-boot kernel image to the Flasher folder.

Video: Nokia Lumia 630 Install Android

5. Download the application Navifirm, then run it and find the next firmware version for Nokia 9 for a specific region: 6. Run this version and check the file DFL61_HARMATTAN_30.2012.07-1_PR_LEGACY_001-OEM1-958_ARM.bin, then to simplify further work, rename it to dfl.bin.

7. Connect the device to the PC and select the synchronization mode, after which we will enter the following entry in the command line:
cd C: \ Flasher flasher.a dfl.bin.k zImage —flash-only = kernel.f –R.

8. After finishing the firmware and rebooting the phone, reconnect it to the computer in removable disk mode.

9. We will copy the system and boot menu, for which:

  • download the nitdroid_n9_ics_alpha3.tar.bz2 archive to your PC, extract the nitdroid_n9_ics_alpha3.tar file from it, and rename it 1.tar;
  • download the archive sillyboot_2.tar.bz2 to the computer, extract the file sillyboot_2.tar from it and rename it 2.tar;
  • copy the 1.tar and 2.tar files from the root folder of the device, turn it off, launch Terminal and execute the following commands:
    devel-su (when prompted for the password, enter rootme)
    tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/1.tar.C / home / nitdroid
    tar xvf /home/user/MyDocs/2.tar.C /.

10. Turn the phone off and on again, after which the display will show “Press VolUp to boot alternative OS“.

11. Press the volume up button, and after a few seconds the Android logo will appear, and then the device setup wizard: Now the device has two operating systems. MeeGo and Android, complementing each other and increasing the functionality of Nokia 9.


1. The installation of this operating system can lead to negative consequences for the device, so it is better to entrust the task to specialists with sufficient experience in conducting such operations.
2. Before installing the OS, the device must have factory firmware, and also should not be blocked for a specific mobile operator.
3. During the firmware, the smartphone battery must be fully charged.