Nokia Lumia 520 Delete All Contacts

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Nokia Lumia 520 Delete All Contacts

filtering it by account or hiding contacts without phone numbers. Your

own contact card is also here.
Check what’s new to conveniently view your friends’ status updates in

social networking services in one place.
rooms is a place to view rooms and groups that help stay connected

with the most important contacts. The rooms allow you and invited friends

Private chat and share calendars and photos. Groups make it easy

View updates on social networks from people you add to the group, and

send letters or messages to all of them at the same time.

Add or remove contact
Keep your friends list on hand. Keep their phone numbers, addresses and other

information in the Contacts section.
Add contact
Tap item Contacts and swipe to contacts.
1. Tap item

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2. If you are logged into multiple accounts, select and select the one in which you want to

save contact.
You cannot save a contact only on the phone; it is always saved in the account.
3. Add contact details and click

Tip: A backup of your contacts is automatically created in your Microsoft account.

Tap a contact and an item, edit or add details, such as a ringtone

or web address.
Delete contact

Tap a contact and select

The contact is deleted from the phone and (with some exceptions, for example, Facebook, Twitter

and LinkedIn) from the social network service on which it was stored.
Contact List Filtering

If you don’t want contacts from social networking services to appear in your contacts list,

they can be filtered. In the contact list, tap

contact list and accounts to show or hide.

Tip: You can also filter contacts without phone numbers. Set to

settings Hide contacts without phone numbers value On

Saving a number from a received call Have you received a call from a person whose number has not yet been saved in the Contacts section? This

The number can be easily saved in a new or existing contact list entry.
1. Tap and swipe to select Journal.

2. Click next to the phone number, then click

3. Tap, change the phone number and type, and then tap

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