Nokia 625 Does Not Work Sensor

Such miracles sometimes happen when the “health” of a smartphone is undermined. Either it turns off at the most inopportune moment, the microphone jams or the sensor does not respond. But you never know what can break!

Nokia 625 Does Not Work Sensor

In this article, we will consider the most common problems and methods of their treatment that are suitable for Lumia 720, 535, 925, and all devices on Windows Phone 8.

Not working lumia

That is completely. Black screen, zero reaction to pressing and charging does not see. This is a bug that is cunningly hiding in the system. We take a smartphone, connect to the charger and do soft-reset, hold down the volume down and power on buttons at the same time, for 10-15 seconds. In most cases, the phone comes to life. Read more about soft reset in this manual.

If you didn’t come to life, you can do hard reset, , Normal rollback to factory settings, with the complete removal of information and settings. If you decide, then read how to do this in this article.

If this method did not help, either the phone remains to be reflashed, which automatically deprives the guarantee, if any, or go to the service center, they will already find the reason why your Nokia Lumia is not working.

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Lumia sensor does not work

Of course, it can happen to everyone, but for some reason, every second Lumia 920 does not have a screen, it just stops responding to touch. We say goodbye to information and do hard reset, as described above. The manufacturer claims that the method helps, but as practice shows, not always. Often the problem lies in the loop. Therefore, we either disassemble the phone and see if everything is in place, or we carry it to a service center, then decide for yourself. But if you have a valid guarantee, then disassembling the phone, you will lose it.

Video: Nokia 625 Does Not Work Sensor

Lumia speaker does not work

You can not hear or hear, but very bad? One option: you just accidentally reset the sound settings to 0 (zero). Make a call and adjust the volume during a call.

The second option. you have a clogged noise reduction microphone, for a 920 model these are such small holes that you just need to clean, for which we arm ourselves with a needle and carefully pull out what is clogged from there. You can at the same time slightly increase these holes in size.

Lumia lock button does not work

If this happened, then, unfortunately, basically there’s nothing you can do and you can’t fix it programmatically, and if you are not a jack of all trades and are not friends with a soldering iron, it’s better to immediately run to the SC. You can, of course, try to install the latest update, but the likelihood that this will return the button to life is extremely small. Most often, with a situation where the lock button does not work, there is a Lumia 520. Miracles.

Headphones do not work with Lumia

First, check the health of the headphones themselves, if everything works, then we begin to sin on the software and put the latest update or do hard reset. If this does not help, then the internal malfunction is most likely a matter of damage to the connector.

Although we gave examples where the Lumia 920 or Lumia 520 do not work, the above points will help save any Windows Phone 8.

Nokia 625 Does Not Work Sensor

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