Nokia 515 How to Turn on the Flashlight

Overview of free flashlights for the mobile platform, how to download and install on Android (phone, smartphone, tablet), what settings to pay attention to.

Why do you need a flashlight

A flashlight is necessary not only for users of Android smartphones and tablets, but also for mere mortals. Example: you return home late at night, the streets are not lit, the terrain is not very familiar. If you don’t have a flashlight with you, there is a good chance of falling, stumbling into an obstacle and getting injured. And in general, it is unsafe.

Another thing is if you have an Android device and an application with backlight functions is installed on it. You can easily light up the road and get to the nearest stop.

Where to download and how to install android flashlights on the phone

You can download the best of applications (in apk-format) for free:

Links to Google Play are also available under the description. All flashlights, with the specified exceptions, without advertising. They are compatible with the following phone models:

  • Fly
  • Samsung (Samsung GT s5610, galaxy s3-s8, Duos);
  • HTC
  • Lenovo
  • Nokia (Nokia 515, 5800).

You can easily find these applications on Google Play. Installing the apk file usually happens automatically. So, we begin the review.

How does a mobile flashlight work?

This review contains a variety of flashlights on Android. When working, all of them, without exception, use the flash of the phone. Some of the applications contain additional features:

  • add a widget with a flashlight on the Home Screen
  • allow you to set the flash on incoming calls (in addition to vibro).

Flashlight # 2. android flashlight no ads

The Flashlight program of the same name is a very simple, even primitive flashlight for an Android phone with a single button. turning the camera flash on and off.

Alas, in Flashlight, brightness adjustment is not available, which may not suit the user who downloaded the application. Installing a flashlight on a call and other functions are also not expected. However, in Flashlight there is "fatty" plus: no ads and marketing chips.

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In other words, the advantage and disadvantage of Flashlight is the lack of adjustments, complete minimalism. Widget not "eats up" the memory of the mobile device, performing the assigned functions. To turn off the flashlight, just press one button. the light goes out, turn on. similar action.

You can download Flashlight for free on your smartphone or tablet in apk format, both through Google Play and here.

Nokia 515 How to Turn on the Flashlight

Another free android flashlight called Flashlight

Video: Nokia 515 How to Turn on the Flashlight

application "Flashlight": maximum flexibility, adjustable brightness and lock

Free must have app for Android. Allows you to adjust not only the brightness of the flashlight, but also adjust other parameters directly related to the lighting functions. for phone screen and flash. The developers added to the widget those functions that are not available in other mobile flashlights.

So, having downloaded from Google Play and installed a portable flashlight on Android, we go into the flashlight settings and see the following parameters:

  • Lighting at startup: you can enable or disable the option to turn on the light when the application starts
  • Auto power off: respectively, the interval off the flashlight on the phone / tablet
  • Sound: sound signal when flashlight is activated
  • Use in mode "flash call" and "flashlight bell"
  • Flashlight control through a widget from the Android home screen
  • Infinitely variable brightness
  • Changing the screen orientation with the active flash / flashlight working
  • Use Rooted Mode: if the Android OS blocks the developer’s options, you can activate the extended rights in Android.
  • Application button lock: Prevent accidental button presses during flash operation (the flashlight will not turn off at an important moment).

Although the flashlight on the phone works stably, when a white screen appears, a false impression develops: it is not clear whether the problem is in the device or in the application. However, this is just a screen background, customizable in "Flashlight" on taste and color.

Nokia 515 How to Turn on the Flashlight

In the free app "Flashlight" there are all backlight options for the phone

IN "Flashlight" traditionally advertising is displayed as an option. On Google Play there is an ad-free version of the program for Android. Therefore, the application is worthy of not only installation on a smartphone, but also a symbolic payment. We strongly advise you to download this particular flashlight from Android from the Market (apk 1 Mb in size).

Bright flashlight: LED flashlight for smartphone

Perhaps one of the brightest flashlights for Android. The program will be useful if you do not know how to turn on the flashlight on Samsung, Lenovo or another Android phone, and you need to quickly download and install the flashlight, and the user experience is not so important.

The flashlight can also be turned on through the widget. When it is activated, the light comes on, and the user does not understand where the on / off button is, where is the brightness setting and so on. Fortunately, there is a menu with settings, and here you can set the sound, timer.

Graphical shell "Bright flashlight" Android deserves pity, you can’t imagine any easier way. The positive point is the spectacular sound when the application starts.

Sane Flashlight: a free and open source application

Flashlight Sane Flashlight has features that are not found in other lighting applications on the phone. First of all, it is free from advertising modules.

Download the flashlight on Android through the Play Market, install the apk file, agree to the access rights (they are minimal) and use the program when you need to highlight something while walking along the street or at home, for household needs.

Nokia 515 How to Turn on the Flashlight

Sane Flashlight. great flashlight app for developers

If you are a developer, Sane Flashlight will be a visual aid on how to write a similar application for Android. Flashlight has open source code, you can freely modify it for your non-commercial purposes. developer Sane Flashlight encourages the initiative. It’s not even necessary to run the application for its intended purpose.

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