Nokia 5 Sd Card Not Supported

Owners of smartphones with the Android operating system are interested. Why does the phone not see the microSD card? This happens infrequently and can be caused by various factors. I have collected all possible causes and solutions in this article. The material is weighty and will certainly help get rid of problems with the “invisible” SD, not only on mobile gadgets, but also cameras, cameras and other devices that have a slot for expanding memory.

Why is this critical?

In most cases, the phone has its own internal drive, and an external “card” is used to increase the amount of “storage”. Imagine that in the device’s settings we specified third-party media as the main place to save photos, videos, applications. But it suddenly stops working correctly, the system does not see it, and all data is sent to the integrated memory. And when there is not enough free space, often, the gadget begins to “buggy”.

Suppose you decide to remove the defective card and replace it with a new one. But the problem may not disappear. You didn’t expect that, right? Such things can make device owners pretty nervous. I think that enough theory and assumptions, it’s time to move on to concrete steps. There will be many for all occasions.

Standard procedure

First, we will consider the basic steps for troubleshooting, and then in the article I will tell you in detail about all the possible causes and correction methods.

If for some reason the phone does not see the memory card, you should:

  • Perform a normal reboot (turn off / on). This sometimes helps get rid of software crashes. Did not help? We proceed to the next solution;
  • Turn off the smartphone, remove the back cover, remove the battery and wait a couple of minutes. Then we return everything to its place and check the performance of microSD:
  • Suddenly, the previous option did not work, we try to remove the “card”, check the integrity of the contacts and put it back tightly:

As soon as you complete the above manipulations and do not get a positive effect, proceed to view the methods below.

Invalid SD format

If the phone does not see the memory card, it is likely that it has the wrong format file tables or is it damaged.

  • Memory markup failure;
  • The user has formatted with incorrect settings;
  • MicroSD previously worked with a file system unknown to the gadget; it has specific markup that Android does not perceive.


Most modern flash drives with a capacity of more than 32 GB are marked in exFAT format, which not all phones see (especially outdated models). Therefore, if your external memory is of a similar size, then you should first copy the important data to a computer, insert the card into a smartphone / tablet, switch to recovery mode, select the “Wipe cache partition” action to format and create a file table of type FAT32. It is perceived by all devices without problems.

But I would recommend a simpler and more reliable option. using the application SD Formatter, which is installed on a laptop. You need a card reader. I recommend watching the following video explaining the procedure for working with the program:

You can perform the procedure and the built-in Windows. I already talked about them in an article link. But now I repeat again.

  • You can connect the phone to the computer via cable, but I would advise using a card reader for the purity of the experiment. Any one will do. For example, I have this:

Nokia 5 Sd Card Not Supported

  • We insert a card into it directly or through an adapter (it depends on the presence of certain slots in the reader):

Nokia 5 Sd Card Not Supported

  • When connected to a PC, go to “Explorer” (My computer) and a new disk should appear there. Right-click on it and select the “Format” command.
  • A window will open where we indicate the FAT file system (exFAT). We do not change other parameters, immediately click on the button to start the procedure.

Video: Nokia 5 Sd Card Not Supported

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Nokia 5 Sd Card Not Supported

Very rarely another option helps. we select the type of FS. NTFS. Some devices can work with it. Worth a try if nothing else helps.

What to do if there is no computer nearby? You can use the built-in Android tools. But not all versions have similar functionality. You need to go to “Settings” and in the “Memory” section, find the line “Format SD” (it may also be called “Clear SD”):

Nokia 5 Sd Card Not Supported

Do not forget that all data will be completely deleted with a minimum probability of subsequent recovery. Please note that in the indicated menu there is also a button for safe extraction. This is no accident. you must resort to such an event every time you want to remove the microSD card. So you do not harm the information stored on the media, and extend its life. But, alas, many are used to using “hot extraction” right in the process. This is not entirely correct and may cause failures.

MicroSD broken, out of order

This can be either mechanical damage to the medium or thermal (due to severe overheating), as a result of which the SD card stopped working not only on the tablet, but also on any other device.

How to fix:

Unfortunately, in such cases it is customary to say: “Medicine is powerless.”. To do nothing will fail, except to purchase a new drive. Alas, saving the lost data will also fail. That is why I always recommend making backup copies of important information. in the cloud, on your computer’s hard drive. As practice shows, “dancing with a tambourine” is useless here. Do not waste your time looking for a “life buoy”. Life is harsh.

Commonplace incompatibility

Why else does the phone not see the microSD card? It happens that a new generation drive is not supported by some smartphone models. Or its volume exceeds the permissible gadget performance. For example, Samsung J120 is “friendly” with external storage media up to 64 GB, and you purchased a 128 GB flash drive. Here is the cause of the problem. It is necessary to clarify such moments in advance, so as not to get into trouble later.

The computer also does not see the SD card

Situation: they connected the mobile gadget to the PC via the USB cord, the phone displayed a choice of connection modes, indicated “Mass Storage”, but the new “storage” did not appear on the laptop.

The solution is simple: just disconnect the device and then plug the cable into the laptop again, but now you need to select the “Media Device” (MTP) mode.

Nokia 5 Sd Card Not Supported

Do not “contact”!

If someone “krivoruky” (not you) tried to insert the card into the slot on the wrong side, showed excessive perseverance, then the connector could be damaged. the contacts went off. Or, on the microSD itself, the tracks are oxidized / jammed.

It is necessary to carefully examine all the objects described above. Maybe you should just pull out the drive and insert it correctly. Suddenly, the problem is in the contacts, they can be replaced, but with this problem it is better to contact the service center to specialists.

The phone stopped seeing the memory card: a crash at the software level

Diagnosis: a certain Android application does not recognize external storage, while others do it without problems. recording, playback is performed properly.

What to do? Most likely, in the utility settings another location for saving data is indicated (internal “disk”). It is enough to open the parameters and make the necessary changes. Such behavior often helps to eliminate defects in the standard software “Camera” and “Gallery”.

Useful videos

Instructions: how to check the SD card for errors:

The author recommends:

Question answer

Further useful information will be presented in the format of answers to frequently asked questions from readers of various forums and thematic resources. I have gathered the most valuable recommendations. Perhaps among them there is a solution for you.

Useful materials:

This may come in handy:

But a week later I noticed that the transferred files disappeared. Opened Explorer. all folders are in place, but they are empty. And where the information remains. when you try to play it gives an error. The strangest thing is that I rearranged the card into an old gadget. everything there opens and displays without problems. By the way, after a reboot, sometimes the problem disappears, but not always. Defect in the phone? What should I do, advise.

Suitable Content:


It seems like he provided a lot of solutions and tips, but you can always contact me in the comments or on the page “Q & A“.

As soon as it is determined that the purchased memory card is defective. do not pull, immediately bring it back for exchange or return.

And yet, if you do not feel confident in your computer knowledge, it is better not to take risks, but immediately ask for help from specialists. It can be both experienced acquaintances and employees of service centers. I do not recommend contacting small workshops where they can cheat on money, passing off a banal malfunction as a critical breakdown. And then they can still say that the reason was viruses, they will also force you to install anti-virus software for 1000 rubles. This happens all the time.

In most cases, the steps described in the publication help to understand why the phone does not see the memory card. Unfortunately, in one out of ten incidents, a medium breaks down without the possibility of its recovery. I hope this is not your situation.

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