Nokia 3310 Does Not Work Vibro

Zhelezyaki: modified firmware for Nokia 3310

Moded 3310 v. 8.1 by ShadoW Mega Edition

Firmware Content:

  • 3310 (NHM-5) v.06-07 FULL
  • Languages ​​RUSS and ENGL (the rest are removed due to uselessness)
  • Logon screensaver "Starting"
  • 63 custom tunes
Nokia 3310 Does Not Work Vibro

Main screen:

  • 7-bit charging indicator and antennas (as in new Nokia models), accelerated animation when charging


  • Changed text for opening and sending messages
  • Received messages and sending messages changed to inbox / outbox
  • Character counter changed, now displays the number of characters until the end of the current message
  • Added the ability to write blinking SMS and the function of switching to the line below
  • View SMS line by line
  • Nokia virus (menu 1-12) hangs most Nokia DCT3 models
  • Siemens virus (menu 1-13) hangs most of the older Siemens models


Setting call modes:

  • Display the duration of a conversation during a call (menu 6-1-7)
    (NEW) Fixed display glitch, added ON / OFF functions; added window output function
    "Duration xx: xx" after the end of the conversation.
  • Every minute signal with vibro during a call (menu 6-1-8)
  • 5 sec. signal (menu 6-1-9) for owners of 5 free seconds

Phone settings:

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  • Rhythmic backlight. flashing backlight to the beat with melodies (menu 6-2-7)
  • Smoothly turn off the backlight (menu 6-2-8-1)
  • Seamlessly turn on the backlight (menu 6-2-8-2)
  • Screen Inversion (Menu 6-2-9)
  • Intro (menu 6-2-10)
  • Menu Type (6-3)
  • [1] User
  • [2] Professional (includes additional menu "System")
    (NEW) Fixed a bug related to the missing menu "Network selection"

Protection installation options:

  • Protect incoming / outgoing / deleting messages with a security code (menu 7-3-8)
  • Protecting reminders with a security code (menu 7-3-9)
  • Protecting the button block with a security code (menu 7-3-10)

Video: Nokia 3310 Does Not Work Vibro


  • The game "Stones" (Tic-tac-toe) moved to Games (menu 8-6)

(NEW) new version v1.18, added a start picture (as in all games), understands mute in the game settings.


  • Changed calculator (menu 9) (instead of "to fold", "subtract". etc)
  • Functions added to the calculator: exponentiation, squared and square root
  • Button "up" changes sign (/.), button "way down" calls the number translation menu (NEW)


  • Set calendar reminder date
Nokia 3310 Does Not Work Vibro


  • Calendar (Menu 11-4)
    (NEW) Added context menu
  • [1] Current date
  • [2] Give the date
  • [3] exit
  • Calendar Date Setting
  • Screensaver "Clock" (menu 11-8)
    (NEW) Digital clock with animation, day of the week, date. Turned on even without a button block!
  • Menu "System" (menu-16) (turns on when selecting a menu type: Professional)
  • MadOS:

    • Apps
    • Unlocker for phones:
    • Nokia (DCT3, DCT4, Network)
    • Panasonic (GD55)
    • Siemens (ST55, CL50)
    • LG (510W / 520, B1200, 7010/7020, 1300, G510)
    • Alcatel (HD1 / HE1, BE1 / BE3, BE4 / BE5 / BF)
    • Samsung (E700 / E500, S500, S100 / S300, A300 / A800, S105, SGH600, P400, V200, SGH2 100, M100, X100, A110, X600)
  • Scope
  • Matrix screensaver
  • Stars screensaver
  • Screen shot
  • Picpaint
  • Fire screensaver
  • Gallery. Gallery of pictures, animations, melodies
  • Time since Start
  • Games
    • Snake 3
    • Tetris
    • Hungman
    • Othello
    • Arcanoid (NEW)
    • Tools
      • File System (formats a flash drive)
        Attention. After formatting, you will have to re-fill the firmware
      • Test (phone tests)
        • Sim
        • Charger
        • Contrast
        • Vibra
        • DSP / CCONT
        • Flash
          Attention. After formatting, you will have to re-fill the firmware
        • FS test
          Attention. After formatting, you will have to re-fill the firmware
        • Xbus
        • MBus
        • M-serial
        • Xbus debug
        • malloc ()
        • sprintf ()
        • Animation
        • Ad values
        • Interrupts
        • MDI
        • User interface
        • Text reader
        • Buzzer test
        • Demo 1
        • Key test
        • Test lenght text
        • float / sin
        • Legals (Copyright)
          • Shortcut buttons: accelerated pressing time (no need to wait long)
          • 1 Write a message
          • 2 Inbox
          • 3 Outbox
          • 5 Turn on / off the backlight
          • Show time, day of week and date
          • 0 Calendar
          • # About fashion
        • All additional menus are Russified
        • Firmware version (# 0000 #) changed to:
          MOD 8.1
        • The firmware includes functions 3315:
          • Autoblock (menu 6-6)
          • Own melody on SMS (menu 5-5-6)
          • Graphic editor (menu 13)
          • Setting the time modes (menu 12)
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