Nokia 305 Microphone Doesn’t Work

One of the most common reasons why you need to repair a mobile. Nokia speaker does not work. If you encounter this rather unpleasant situation, then our service center will definitely help you. If quiet sound Nokia, First of all, check the volume settings in the settings, perhaps the cause of the malfunction lies there.

Another reason that sound does not work on Nokia. clogged holes. In order to eliminate this kind of malfunction, it is necessary to inspect the holes in the housing and, if necessary, remove dust and dirt. In all other cases, you yourself will not be able to figure it out; you will need the help of professionals.

Why does the speaker and microphone not work on Nokia?

The causes of the sound problem are as follows:

1. In 70% of cases, the speaker or microphone is faulty;

2. In 20% of cases, the sound control chip failed. This occurs from moisture and less often from shock;

3. in 10% of the failure of the track and various components of the printed circuit board. To identify them, you need to do a diagnosis.

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Nokia 305 Microphone Doesn't Work

If the sound of Nokia disappeared then, most likely, the reason lies in the dynamics or sound control chip itself. One of the main causes of a part malfunction is mechanical damage. After Nokia dropped to the floor, noticeably The Nokia speaker wheezes. Probably every owner of a mobile came across this situation. It happens at least that rattle and phonite speaker Nokia after liquid has entered the housing. In this case, you can restore work only after diagnosis. As you can see The speaker on Nokia has broken, he hisses often the fault of the owner himself. In any case, there is always a way out.

Video: Nokia 305 Microphone Doesn’t Work

If Nokia sound doesn’t work, come to our service center, where the first thing they’ll do is free diagnostics in order to find out what is the reason and eliminate it. Independent unskilled intervention can lead to failure of the entire device. Why buy a new one if we can carry out high-quality repair speaker Nokia. We have all the accessories available. Nokia, and this speeds up the process as much as possible. Nokia speaker replacement not take much time.

If no sound and no sound from Nokia, The reason may be the same with the microphone. It fails through a faulty sound control chip. Although this situation does not have to be faced so often. If Nokia microphone doesn’t work, only full replacement will help. Replacing the microphone in a Nokia phone. This is a common task for our masters. We have all the necessary equipment that helps you easily deal with any problem.

What to do, conclusion:

Do not get upset anymore if your favorite is out of order Nokia. In our service center they will certainly help you. We employ only highly qualified specialists who will find a way out of any situation and eliminate even the most difficult problem. After a complete diagnosis, which is carried out absolutely free of charge, professionals will offer solutions to the problem. We have all the necessary components, which means that the repair will not take much time. In the shortest possible time, you can get your mobile back with a guarantee for the entire device.

Life example

The girl dropped the device on the asphalt, after which the sound disappeared on the mobile. Naturally, this brought a lot of inconvenience. She decided to contact our service center for help. First of all, we did a diagnosis, which within 20 minutes showed that the sound control chip was out of order. As soon as possible, we carried out repairs. Quality control showed that the device is fully operational. As a result, we issued a guarantee for the entire phone.

Nokia 305 Microphone Doesn't Work

Stock! Until the end of the month, with any repair, ultrasonic cleaning is free.

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