Nokia 225 Keyboard Lock Combination

  • Manufacturer: Nokia
  • Model: 215 Dual Sim
  • Release year: 2015-01-05
  • Package Contents: Phone, Battery, Charger
  • Case Type: Classic
  • Case Length: 116 mm (millimeters)
  • Case Width: 50 mm (millimeters)
  • Case Thickness: 12.9 mm (millimeters)
  • Weight: 78g
  • Volume: 74.82 cm³ (cubic centimeters)


The Nokia 215 Dual Sim is a 2.4-inch display. It is possible to install two SIM cards. Also, it is worth noting that the Phone has 8 MB of memory.

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Nokia 225 Keyboard Lock Combination
  • screen replacement on nokia 215 dual sim

Features Nokia 215 Dual Sim

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Pros and Cons of Nokia 215 Dual Sim

Case dimensions, sizes, buttons. Two sim cards

Appearance. Large screen. Optimal size of the device itself. Color (green)

The inscription NOKIA on the case. He warmed his soul for the first hours while the phone was charging. The phone is nice to hold in your hand.

Dual SIM, nice design and interface from Microsoft, a fairly long battery, a slot for a memory card, a comfortable soft keyboard.

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Pleasant to the touch matte plastic, the presence of a flashlight, a week of battery life, rubber buttons.

Battery. holds 7 days Does not freeze Durable enough Communication holds well Flashlight No sorry Cheap

Lightweight, holds good charging, nice pre-installed ringtones, bright color (will not be lost in other working stuff), two SIM cards.

The battery holds for a long time. There is a flashlight))) From the old Nokia, there was good signal reception. Well, microSD up to 16 GB supports.

Poor menu, lack of settings. "Color screen" terrifying quality, because at the slightest change in the viewing angle the picture is uneven "fade". To her Gd, it would be better to do black and white as in Nokia 1280. There is no RSAP (transfer of the phone book via bluetooth). Damaging phone book itself. A bunch of unnecessary icons in the main menu, which can neither be turned off nor hidden. JavaME applications are not supported. Even the key lock is made non-standard for Nokia ("hang up menu" instead "menu-") I did not find sound profiles (it is possible that they are not there).

Video: Nokia 225 Keyboard Lock Combination

Voice quality is disgusting. I can not hear me and the subscriber. The inscriptions on the phone menu overlap each other. Inconvenient grip. Will slip out.

The main drawback for me is terribly SLOW. To unlock, it takes 4-5 seconds. He thinks for at least 3 seconds for each press. There are still drawbacks. But they are not so critical for me. I needed a regular dialer with 2 SIMs, a flashlight and a screen of at least 2. I thought I found it. No. Can’t you make it faster. The 21st century. I will wait for something else. Until I restore and return to the old LG GX 300.

The phone can be connected to the computer only in charging mode and in drive mode (if a microSD card is inserted). That is, import / export of contacts is possible only via Bluetooth.
The phone book allows you to save only one number and photo for each contact. Meagerly.
Non-standard key combination for NOKIA to lock / unlock the phone (not Menu-). After using another phone for about a month, I forgot this combination. There are no hints on the keyboard.
When missed calls are displayed on the screen, it does not appear when you are called. To see the details, bother to go to the appropriate section of the menu.
No speed dialing.
The main menu is cluttered with items for direct calling Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Lack of whats app if available
instant messenger from fb, soft screen, easily soiled case, paid games

The wretched series 30 operating system on which nothing can be installed, low screen resolution (you cannot look at the screen without tears, on my MP3 player, which is 3 times cheaper than the screen, is better) The sound is simply crap on both speakers.

1) Phone book
– The name of the contact. very few characters
– On one contact. one phone number (because of this, you have to make two or three contacts per person, and because of this, getting a phone book from another phone is completely incorrect)
– There is no way to edit the phone book through a computer
2) Calendar. maximum 25 entries.
3) Alarm clocks. 5.
4) SMS / prop notifications / alarm notifications. will remain on the screen and will not give access to the quick menu until the owner views the notification.
All these flaws are present in all Nokia phones from the 30 series.

Nokia 225 Keyboard Lock Combination

Nostalgic for the good old Nokia. I hoped that the quality was preserved. But no, I was mistaken. Loved the old nokia for an intuitive menu and nothing more. In the same device, the menu has a lot of incomprehensible and unnecessary stuff with the existing functionality and a miserable phone book. Add an incomprehensible screen that changes color depending on the angle of view.

Such a wretched interface twelve years ago would be appropriate.
The phone is literally clogged with mobile applications of social networks, but there is no organizer. Built-in memory. only 8Mb. "Central" The button is absolutely inconvenient to use.
By the sound. the interlocutor hears you perfectly, while you are barely able to do it, thanks to the weak dynamics of the phone, so you have to turn on the speakerphone.
By multimedia. the sound of the built-in player is disgusting (at least an equalizer could "to attach", but not fate, apparently))) You can also forget about Java. do not support.
Well, the camera. a camera of 0.6 megapixels (in general, they would have removed it, what a shame)
The case is made of fragile plastic, fasteners for SIM cards. from the same material.

Only ONE number per contact!
The camera does not work without microsd
No side buttons for volume control
no headphones included. the radio will not work

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