No Image But Iphone 6 Backlight Works

Often there is such a situation when the iPhone screen backlight does not work, and the image completely disappeared. When there is no display backlight, then this most likely indicates a hardware problem. It is impossible to use the phone without backlighting and when a black screen appears.

Let’s see what could be the reasons for the failure of the backlight?

Physical damage to the display module

When assembling the touchscreen for the display, the most ordinary glass with very average shock resistance characteristics is used. Dropping the phone from a tangible height. almost certainly means breaking the screen and damaging the LCD panel. In most iPhones, with the exception of 3G / 3GS versions, the display with the sensor go inextricably from one another. in the form of a non-separable display module. The detail changes completely. In 3G and 3GS devices, only the failed component is replaced. It happens that after the fall both components of the assembly remained intact, but their cables and connectors lost contact. As a result, the iPhone has a black screen. Then you can disassemble the gadget and simply adjust the location of the parts.

Condensation or moisture that has directly flowed inside is the worst trouble for any smartphone. On the iPhone, fluid can leak as you like: there are many connectors, holes, and gaps on the case. If moisture settles on the contact pads of the sensor and LCD-panel, power supply circuit elements. they will have to be changed. No master can determine the duration of a repair after getting wet without disassembling the iPhone. Everything will become clear after the diagnosis of the device. It may take several hours or days to clean the contacts from oxides and test the device.

No Image But Iphone 6 Backlight Works

PCB damage

If the iPhone does not have a backlight, but moisture does not flow inside, and the display is intact, you should check the status of the coil and the backlight controller lm3539a1. Repair in such cases lasts about 2 days.

Self recovery device

When there is no backlight at all, you need to perform actions that will solve the problem. If the touch screen fails. the backlight is gone, you can fix the device yourself or contact the wizard.

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If the backlight is not working, you need to look at the settings and perform the following steps:

If this does not lead to a positive result, and there is no backlight, then this is not the cause of the problem. Need to do another iPhone repair.

Instrument setup after program installation

When there is no iPhone screen backlight, a black display has appeared, it is easy to fix the error. This problem often occurs after downloading an update or installing some new application. An easy way to restore LED backlighting on a dim screen is to delete a recently downloaded program and reboot the phone. You can always return your phone to its original settings if the iPhone’s backlight disappears.

You can do a downgrade with a problem with highlighting and the appearance of a black screen as follows:

  • when the backlight is not working, you need to connect the smartphone to the PC
  • run the iTunes program
  • press a key in the Recovery program

It is necessary to perform a complete reset of the phone if there is no backlight for the iPhone display. After that, all system failures will be eliminated, and LED backlighting will work.

No Image But Iphone 6 Backlight Works

Restore highlighting after resuming iOS

If the iPhone does not have a backlight. this often appears after an iOS update. The backlight is turned off due to the incompatible interaction of the driver and the program. To understand it or not. simply.
When the highlight disappears, do the following:

  • when the backlight is not working, you need to press the Home button and Power
  • wait for the device to restart
  • check if backlighting works

If a dull or bright image does not appear, it is necessary to fix the problem, since a microcircuit may break. If there is no image on the screen and when the backlight does not disappear completely, you can repair it yourself or contact a specialist.

There may be a problem with the driver

If the iPhone screen backlight does not work, the driver may be inoperative. Illumination malfunction occurs due to damage to the telephone circuit board of the device. Typically, these problems can be fixed on their own. It is necessary to check the operability of the driver coil, as well as the controller. First of all, you need to disconnect the black display from the iPhone cover.
You will need such tools:

  • phone repair screwdrivers
  • display mounting device
  • set of mediators

It is necessary to turn off all the cables connecting the display to the phone’s motherboard, and then proceed with the repair.
If there is no backlight for the iPhone display, do the following:

  • need to open board
  • ring the coil
  • check capacitor controller

In the event that a coil break appears, you need to replace the part, then reassemble the phone. After these operations, the backlight should work in the correct mode.

Have you tried all the options, nothing helps? So now we can carry the device to a specialist :).

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