Nice Lee Honor 9 Phone

Nice Lee Honor 9 Phone

Huawei Honor 9 is a stylish smartphone with a dual camera and an unusual design, a kind of Huawei P10, but in a different case and with a lower price tag. As a rule, pretop devices are represented in this line, but Honor 9 jumped above his head. this is the flagship device, and from all sides.

The Honor 9 has an advanced dual camera, a thin glass body, large amounts of memory and a fingerprint scanner. It also has typically top-end performance. Note the rear panel of the new item. it looks unusual, shimmers and fancy glare in the sun. This already sets her apart from the army of identical smartphones.

Of the shortcomings, we note the ordinary autonomy and the combined slot, as well as the impracticality of the glass on the back. it glare and get dirty. By the standards of the flagships, he lacks only stereo speakers and protection against water. One more minus. the novelty is not so convincingly different from its predecessor that it wanted to be updated.

Honor 9 is an almost flagship device with its own chips and at a reasonable price. In our opinion, this is a good choice of a smartphone for someone who is looking for an unusual, stylish phone with advanced features.

Dimensions and Design. 4.0

Huawei Honor 9 looks pretty and still original, although it is very similar to Honor 8 and even Xiaomi Mi6. over, it is quite compact for use with one hand.

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Outwardly, the phone almost completely repeats its predecessor, minus some details: for example, the fingerprint scanner moved from the back to the front. As a result, the case became slightly higher, but the Honor inscription disappeared from the bottom frame, which will only be for the best. The back is also covered with glass and bent around the edges in the manner of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi Mi5. And of course, the main feature remained. the back panel freakily glare, which looks pretty impressive. Apparently, this happens due to the same wavy notches under the glass.

The phone’s dimensions are 147.3 × 70.9 × 7.8 mm, it is slightly higher, but thinner and already has a 5.2-inch Asus Zenfone 3 ZE520KL. Honor 9 weighs 157 grams, like the budget Xiaomi Redmi 4 or the large OnePlus 5. The body materials are metal and glass. Despite the glass coating, it almost does not slip in the hand, but it easily glare and quite actively collects scratches. So it’s better to hide such beauty in a case.

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Screen. 4.6

Huawei Honor 9 received a fairly high-quality and practical screen, but without any frills and frills.

Screen resolution. 1920 × 1080 pixels, pixel density is 423 per inch. This is clear enough not to see irregularities in the image once again. There is a good oleophobic coating and protective glass Gorilla Glass 3. Not bad, except that the glass is already quite an old version. In the settings there is a special operating mode with gloves on. with it the screen becomes very sensitive, in the cold season it will be relevant.

The range of measured brightness is quite wide, although inferior, for example, Huawei P10 Plus. from 3 to 493 nits. The image is quite comfortable to read, both in the dark and on a sunny day. The color gamut, as promised, is expanded. 100% from sRGB and 90% from Adobe RGB. The contrast level is high, 1020: 1, although the top models can be higher. The color accuracy is high, but the default color temperature is too high. This can be fixed either by adjusting it in the settings or by using the eye protection mode.

Cameras. 4.4

Huawei Honor 9 received a dual main camera (20 12 MP) and a front camera with 8 MP. In terms of parameters and shooting quality, they are comparable to the Huawei P10, only optical stabilization is lacking.

The manufacturer does not disclose the parameters of the sensors, only apertures are declared. f / 2.2 and phase focusing. Chips such as double zoom and bokeh effect are also supported. Curiously, the camera initially has even more chips than in the P10. there are new shooting modes for 3D panoramas and 3D face models. If you take into account the typical “manual mode”, “night”, shooting light sources in the dark, “pro-video” and HDR, then quite a few are already running. The principle of operation of the tandem cameras is the same as before. one color, the other black and white. Together they complement each other and create high-quality photos. In addition, this time Honor 9 was “taught” to shoot 4K video. The camera application interface is typical for Huawei smartphones. swipe on the left pulls the modes, and on the right. the settings for this mode.

As for the quality of shooting, it is top-end and only slightly inferior to the same Huawei P10 in the dark. due to the lack of optical stabilization. The smartphone focuses quickly and correctly. The level of detail is high, cameras shoot almost without noise and soap (on daytime photos they are visible from the monitor only after zoom). The dynamic range is very wide, and the color reproduction is accurate, although not always. indoors, the phone is not always successfully determined with white balance.

The 8 MP front camera does a great job with selfies. Although by default it includes a decorating filter (with a force of 5 out of 10) and blurs the background. Keep this in mind if you want to capture some other object besides yourself. To the credit of the camera, it almost always erodes the background correctly, only occasionally leaving a clear piece of background or blurring a strand or two of hair.

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