Muzzles For Dogs

Muzzles For Dogs

Something we completely forgot about our smaller brothers. But they constantly need our attention and care. So we will be corrected. And our next useful advice is addressed to those pet lovers who hold a dog, big or small, at home or in an apartment. How to choose a muzzle for a dog of different ages and sizes is what we’ll talk about today. What you need to consider when choosing, so that your pet in it was comfortable and the people around you feel safe? After all, not only big dogs can behave aggressively, but also very small ones. Although, probably, the behavior depends not on the size of the dog or its breed, but on education.

Muzzles for dogs. What are they and how to choose it correctly?

According to the existing rules, it is necessary to put a muzzle on a dog when you take it for a walk or go with it for some other business. Moreover, by putting on such protection, we protect not only the people around us, but also protect the animal from the temptation to eat something completely bad. That in the future may affect her health is not for the better. One way or another, but at least a couple of times in his life, the dog still has to wear a muzzle. But how to choose the muzzle for your beloved pet, few know.

How to teach a dog to a muzzle?

If you imagine the feeling of your dog, then they can be compared, approximately with the sensations of a person who runs in a gas mask. I think quite a visual comparison. How to start? Put a treat inward to muzzle. No need to tighten the strap attachment behind the ears. Then the muzzle will further interfere with the dog and the process of schooling itself will be delayed. Wear a muzzle before you go out. The very process of waiting for a walk will reconcile your pet with this hated subject. All attempts of the dog to remove the muzzle should be stopped, but calm behavior on the contrary should be encouraged. Gradually getting used to this subject, your pet will walk in it, and at the same time will not experience any discomfort.

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And the last important point. Being muzzled, your pet should open the mouth freely in it and the most important thing here is to breathe freely!

A good owner is simply obliged to know that the dog’s body cools with rapid breathing. It is extremely undesirable to put on the dog a muffled muzzle, on which there are very few technological holes. This can lead to heat stroke from a lack of fresh and relatively cool air.

As you can see, muzzles for dogs are different, the main thing is to choose the right model for your pet. And this will help you more and video advice. After all, one is to read, and quite another to see.

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