Muzzle For German Shepherd

Muzzle For German Shepherd

Have you done your first walks with your pet? So, you know that you just need to wear a German shepherd dog before going to a collar and leash. But do not forget about a very important attribute for walking, especially for such a large breed – a muzzle.

Many believe that this need is not justified, for each owner of your favorite dog is the kindest, but it is not. In this article we will tell you why you need a muzzle and what kind is best for your dog in one way or another, its life.

What is it for?

The muzzle is designed primarily to protect others from the aggression of the dog. Moreover, the degree of aggressiveness of the dog does not matter, because the person subconsciously feels threatened by an unfamiliar large dog, which includes the German Shepherd.

We describe the main situations in which a muzzle can come in handy:

  • While in transport, especially public;
  • When going to the vet;
  • During the departure, training, training;
  • It is necessary to prevent the dog from picking up objects from the ground;
  • Avoidance of property damage.

The muzzle helps keep calm relationships with people around you. Most of them have a negative attitude to dogs without a muzzle when they meet them on the street, especially to large breeds. They can not only quarrel with the pet owner, but also try to poison the animal. In order to avoid all possible problems in the future, it is better to equip the German Shepherd.

Consider in more detail what types of muzzles exist.

Muzzle For German Shepherd

Varieties of accessory

Many give their preference to practical and comfortable fabric muzzles. In addition to this type, there are other types:

  • Soft nylon;
  • Metal mesh;
  • Deaf leather;
  • "Baskets" of leather;
  • Plastic;
  • Loops or bridles;
  • Police training.

Consider in detail the pros and cons of these types of muzzles.

Soft nylon

This type completely fits the face, it is not possible to lift anything dirty on the street, to drink from puddles. The pet’s nose can be both open and closed with a special insert, thereby not allowing him to breathe with his tongue sticking out. With the necessary manipulations, such as cleaning the ears or cutting the nails, this accessory can protect you from the bites of a disgruntled animal.

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Muzzle For German Shepherd

While walking in the hot season, for the convenience of the dog, you can use a nylon net-shaped muzzle. If your shepherd likes to gnaw items, it is better to choose another accessory – nylon fragile and quickly become useless.

Mesh metal

This species is one of the most suitable for the German Shepherd muzzles. It is made in the form of a lattice, closing completely to fall to the very eyes, but allows the muzzle to be free inside. In certain types of this accessory there is a lining that does not allow the metal to rub the animal’s leather cover.

Muzzle For German Shepherd

Advantages: Apart from the fact that this product is durable and does not require daily care, another huge plus is that it is suitable for hot weather, as the dog breathes freely in it. And the grill protects against possible pet bites.

Disadvantages: due to certain weather conditions (frost, rain) it cannot be used. Also, be prepared for all sorts of bruises and bruises – an accidental blow with a metal muzzle is extremely painful. If a lining is attached to the grille, then due to the accumulation of moisture, diaper rash may appear on the dog’s skin.

Muzzle For German Shepherd

Deaf leather

This muzzle you can easily replace the metal. It is made on the same principle – closes the entire mouth to the very eyes, firmly fixing the strap on the back of the head and an additional strap on the forehead. This is a great option for dog training. In many models for the convenience of the animal has ventilation holes.

Advantages: applicable in any weather, without rubbing the face of a shepherd. In it, the dog will not pick up anything from the ground. In this muzzle, the pet will not bite anyone and will not cause injury to an accidental blow.

Disadvantages: too dense surface makes it difficult to breath, not allowing the German Shepherd to breathe with his tongue sticking out. It can not be worn during long hikes and in too hot weather.

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Leather Basket

If your pet has a balanced character, then this accessory is just for you. The free mouth is covered with soft leather stripes, intertwined in a grid.

Muzzle For German Shepherd

Advantages: in such a muzzle, the dog feels comfortable, as its design allows you to breathe freely with your tongue out and can drink at a convenient time. It is used in all weather conditions, allowing you to look completely non-aggressive.

Disadvantages: this type wears out quickly and requires constant cleaning. In addition, some animals manage to pull it over his head with his paw.


This muzzle is very convenient for frequent and intense workouts due to its lightness. It is designed in the form of a basket and allows the German Shepherd to breathe freely.

Muzzle For German Shepherd

Advantages: used in all weather conditions, it is good to swim in it. A pet cannot bite anyone through this item. It is easy to care for such a muzzle. It only needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Disadvantages: may crack from sudden impact or due to low temperatures. Rubs the leather cover when wearing too long.


This muzzle loop reliably fixes the closed jaws of the shepherd. Made of fabric or leather and fastened with two straps on the back of the head.

Advantages: due to its ease and simplicity of putting on, it is indispensable during walks in crowded places.

Disadvantages: wear out quickly.

Police training

The name of this muzzle speaks for itself – it is used by law enforcement officers during training and training of German shepherds for future tasks. Made such a muzzle of leather with inserts of steel plates.

Advantages: provides safety for both the environment and the dog itself, since the possibility of injury is excluded. A special inner pillow protects the nose of the animal from shock during training. Convenient openings on the sides of the required size allow the animal to breathe freely.

Disadvantages: the highest price among all existing muzzles.

Teach the dog to change clothes

After you put a collar on the shepherd dog and fasten the leash, you should use the Sit command to plant it near your left leg and put on a muzzle. Watch carefully for the behavior of the dog, if she is unhappy and is trying to pull off a new thing, give the order "Fu." Make your pet sit like this for at least 15 – 20 seconds, then praise him and encourage him with stroking. Gradually increase the time to a minute, with a calm reaction, say the command "Near" and go out into the street. Whenever you try to get rid of a new accessory, stop right there and give a prohibitory order.

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The German Shepherd just loves to walk, so she not only quickly gets used to the muzzle, but she herself will start to get into it with pleasure, if only you can go for a walk with her.

We select the size correctly

Before you finally pay for the selected muzzle, compare the dimensions specified by the manufacturer with the dimensions of your shepherd dog. To find out accurate measurements, you need to measure the following parameters:

  • The length of the muzzle (from the eye line to the end of the nose);
  • Girth muzzle (slightly below the eye line);
  • The width of the largest part of the muzzle;
  • The height of the muzzle (from the front, from the chin to the nose; immediately add a few centimeters to take into account the distance of the open mouth);
  • The distance from the eyes to the nape;
  • Girth of the neck (right behind the ears);

If the size is chosen correctly, it means that the pet will be comfortable in it. You should not tighten the belts too much, the dog should be able to open the mouth and breathe freely. Exceptions are deaf muzzles. Carefully inspect the pet’s skin after removing the accessory. If there are traces of the straps, then you did not correctly choose the size of the product.

Did you like this article? And what is your dog’s muzzle? Please share with us your experience.

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