Muzzle For Dogs

When it comes to the muzzle for a dog, many owners are outraged. They believe that their dog is intelligent, educated and completely non-aggressive. And therefore she does not need this doggy accessory. They do not take into account one detail. Often a muzzle is not only protecting people from a dog (although this is its main purpose), it also helps wean the dog to lift anything from the ground. In this article we will tell you what types of muzzles are, what they are made of and how to make a muzzle for a dog with your own hands.

Types of muzzles

What kind of material is used to make a much needed dog accessory? The muzzle for dogs can be made of metal or plastic, leather, and even of synthetic materials.

Muzzle For Dogs

They may be deaf or mesh. Owners of a dog need to know that a deaf muzzle ensures complete safety of people around them from animal bites. But it is undesirable to use it on a hot summer day, as it can provoke a heat stroke in a dog. After all, everyone knows that the cooling of the animal’s body occurs due to its frequent breathing with an open mouth.

Sew a muzzle on your own

Today there is no shortage of choice of different muzzles for dogs of any breed, especially in large cities. However, many pet owners prefer to sew it for their pet themselves. Well, let’s try to do it together. Perhaps our advice will be useful to you. In addition, muzzles for dogs with their own hands to do is not difficult.

Muzzle For Dogs

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The muzzle must be made of high-quality and durable materials. This applies to all dog breeds, but especially to large animals.

Fabric is better to choose a neutral color, well breathable. Ideal in this case, a dense cotton material.

Taking measurements

To make a muzzle for dogs reliable and, what is equally important, convenient for your pet, it is important to take measurements correctly. In this case, do not forget to make small allowances on the open mouth. You need the volume of the protruding part of the muzzle, the distance from the tip of the nose to the eyes, the distance from the tip of the nose to the occiput.

Making a pattern

When all the necessary measurements are made and recorded, proceed to create the pattern. It is best if it consists of individual strips. Their width should be equal to one centimeter, not more.

Getting Started

Fold each of the strips in half, once again bend it in half and gently stitch on a typewriter. Also process all the remaining strips of which the future muzzle for the dog will consist. Then, using perpendicular seams, connect the strips to each other. Take the pre-prepared straps, which will be used to fix the muzzle, sew the fastener to one end, and make holes on the other end. Attach the straps on the sides of the muzzle. Now you learn how to sew muzzles for dogs. With your own hands made accessory for your pet will undoubtedly please the owner. I would like your pet to be delighted with this purchase.

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Muzzles for small dogs

For this job you will need:

– soft dressmaker’s measuring tape;

– in the tone of the fabric thread number 10;

At first, measure the length of the protruding part of the muzzle from the eyes to the tip of the nose. Remove the required dimensions with a soft tailor tape first in the upper part of the muzzle, then on the sides, and finally in the bottom. Measure the distance from the neck to the tip of the nose.

Muzzle For Dogs

As in the first case, the muzzle for dogs of small breeds will be sewn from individual strips. And not because it is easier to do so, but because in such an accessory the dog will be comfortable, especially on hot days.

For winter time, you can make a muzzle a solid, i.e. Not from individual bands, but from a single flap of fabric or leather.

For this you need to build a pattern in the form of a trapezoid. Its upper side will be equal to the circumference under the muzzle and above the eyes, divided into two. The bottom side of the trapezoid is equal to the circumference of the mouth, also divided into two. The distance between the upper and lower sides of the trapezium is equal to the length of the muzzle from the eyes to the tip of the nose.

Cut a pattern out of paper and pin it to the fabric with pins. Cut the workpiece with allowance for seams. Handle the parts (except the sides) with a bending seam, and sew the sides. Attach a thick tape with a clasp or a strap to them. All muzzle for dogs for the cold season is ready.

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How to teach a dog to a muzzle?

It is no secret that most dogs do not favor this accessory too much. Experienced dog experts teach the animal to him from an early age. But what to do if your adult dog needs to be taught to appear in society in a muzzle?

Muzzle For Dogs

In this case, you can not use force, especially punishment. Put in a "new dress" a piece of your pet’s favorite delicacy, let him get it. If successful, praise him. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times every day during the week. After that, try to fasten the muzzle. Do not rush to shoot it until your four-legged friend completely calms down. First, wear it for a short time, but gradually increase the duration until the dog gets used to it.

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