Motorola Droid Turbo Battery Replacement

Motorola Droid Turbo Battery Replacement

In this manual, you are asked to remove the display; This is to prevent damage to the display cables. If you are sure that you will not damage the cables, then skip the screen removal steps.

To achieve optimum performance, after completing the manual, calibrate the newly installed battery: discharge it below 10%, then charge it to 100%.

How to replace the battery with an iPhone 7 Instruction

  • Before you start, drain your iPhone battery below 25%. A charged lithium-ion battery may catch fire and / or explode during repairs.
  • Turn off your iPhone before disassembling.
  • Opening the iPhone display will break its waterproof seals. Before opening the front panel, fasten the replacement seals or take care to avoid contact with the liquid. If you do not replace the adhesive seals, your phone will function normally, but will no longer be waterproof.

Step 1 Pentalobe Screws

  • Remove the two 3.5 mm screws on the bottom edge of the iPhone

Step 2 Opening an iPhone

Heating the bottom edge of the iPhone will help soften the glue that secures the display and make it easier to open.

You can use a hairdryer or heat gun or prepare an iOpener and apply it on the bottom edge of the iPhone for about a minute to soften the glue underneath.

Step 3 Open iPhone with iSclack

  • If you plan to repair iPhone X (in Kiev), then we recommend the iSclack tool.
  • Open iSclack and place the device between the suction cups with the plastic stopper inserted.

Step 4

While holding the phone inside, slide the handles of the instrument. The front panel should pop out of the case.

Take the suction cups to the side

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Step 5 If you don’t have iSclack, open your iPhone with a suction cup and a plastic tool

Attach the suction cup to the bottom half of the display, just above the home button.

While holding the iPhone with one hand, pull up the suction cup to slightly separate the front panel from the back of the case and create a small gap between the display and the back case.

Insert the flat end of the spatula into the gap.

Step 6

Slide the trigger to the left along the bottom edge of the iPhone, cutting through the glue while holding the display in place.

Twist the trigger to widen the gap between the display and the rear housing.

Step 7

  • Slide the trigger up the left side of the iPhone, starting from the bottom and moving to the volume buttons and a silent switch.

Do not move the plastic tool along the top edge of the phone; you risk damaging the plastic clips securing the display.

Step 8

  • Insert the flat edge of the spatula into the lower right corner of the device
  • Turn the trigger to widen the gap between the display and the rear housing.
  • Move the flat end of the connector up on the right side of the phone to remove the glue that holds the display in place.

Step 9

  • Climb onto the suction cup to raise the display and open the iPhone.
  • If you used iSclack and it is still attached to the iPhone, uninstall it now.
  • Do not raise the display more than 10º, so as on the right edge of the device connected ribbon cables connecting the display to the logic board.
  • Pull the small tip on the suction cup to remove it from the front panel.

Step 10

  • Carefully insert the plastic tool along the top edge of the iPhone, between the back case and the front panel, to break the remaining glue while holding the screen in place.
  • Be careful not to damage the plastic clips on the top edge of the phone.
    Pull the display slightly up from the edge of the phone to release the clips holding it to the back case.
  • Open the iPhone by flipping the display up on the left side, like the back cover of a book.
  • Do not try to completely separate the display, as several fragile cables still connect it to the iPhone logic board.
  • Lay the screen on a comfortable surface so that the phone lies flat and does not slide while you are working with it.

Video: Motorola Droid Turbo Battery Replacement

Step 11 Disconnecting the Battery

Three 1.2mm screws

Single screw 2.4mm

Step 12

  • Remove the lower connecting bracket.

Step 13

  • Use the accelerator point to pull the battery connector out of the socket on the logic board.
  • Bend the connector cable slightly so that it does not touch the socket and does not turn on the power of the phone.

Step 14 Display Assembly

  • Before disconnecting or reconnecting the cables in this step, make sure that the battery is disconnected.
  • Use a tip or fingernail to disconnect the two lower display connectors by pulling them straight out of their sockets on the logic board.
  • To reconnect these cables, press on one end until it snaps into place, and then repeat on the opposite end.Not click on the middle. Even if the connector is slightly offset, it may bend, causing damage.
  • If after assembling the device you have a blank screen, white lines on the display, a partial or complete lack of reaction to the touch touch, try disconnecting and carefully reconnecting both of these cables and making sure that they are installed correctly.

Step 15

  • Remove the two 1.3 mm Phillips screws that secure the bracket to the connector on the front of the sensor.
  • Remove the bracket.

Step 16

  • Disconnect the connector on the front panel sensor assembly from the socket on the logic board.
  • When assembling the device, try to connect this pin connector at a time to minimize the risk of bending.
  • Remove the display.
  • During reassembly, stop at this step if you want to replace the glue along the edges of the display.

Step 17 Barometric Valve

  • Remove the two 1.9 mm Phillips screws securing the barometric ventilation hole to the rear housing.

Step 18

  • Remove the vent.

Step 19 Taptic Engine

  • Use the flat end of the device to disconnect the Taptic Engine connector from the socket on the logic board.

Step 20

  • Remove the three 1.6 mm Phillips screws securing the Taptic Engine to the rear housing.
  • Remove Taptic Engine

Step 21 Battery

  • Use a pair of blunt-tipped tweezers to remove one of the adhesive strips on the bottom edge of the battery.
  • Use a pair of blunt-tipped tweezers to peel off another adhesive tape on the bottom edge of the battery.

Step 22

  • Try to keep the strips flat and not unfurled during this procedure; wrinkled strips will stick together and break, you will not be able to pull them out intact.
  • Slowly pull one battery glue away from the battery, at the bottom of the iPhone.
  • Continuously tighten while maintaining constant tension on the strip until it slides out of the battery and the rear housing. For best results, pull the strip at an angle of 60º or less.
  • The strip will stretch several times more than its original length. Continue pulling and grabbing the strip next to the battery again if necessary.
  • Repeat the previous step for the second strip.
  • Hold the battery when you remove the second strip, because the strip may discard the battery when it is separated from the case.

Step 23

  • If any of the adhesive strips breaks and the battery is stuck on the back case, prepare an iOpener or use a hairdryer to heat the back case directly behind the battery. It should be slightly warm.
  • Overheating of the iPhone may ignite the battery.
  • Turn the phone over and use a plastic card to break the remaining glue behind the battery.

Not insert the card into the area between the volume down (-) button and the top edge of the battery, otherwise you may damage the volume control cable underneath
Keep the card as flat as possible to avoid bending the battery, which could damage it and cause it to release hazardous chemicals or catch fire.

  • Alternatively, a portion of the dental floss may be used to separate the battery from the back housing. A stronger alternative to dental floss is a folded guitar string.
  • Apply thread or thread at the top corners of the battery, connect the ends, wrap them around the folded fabric and pull evenly.

Step 24

Remove the battery from the rear housing.
When installing the battery, replace the adhesive strips of your battery.
Reboot after reassembling. This can prevent a number of problems and simplify troubleshooting.

Follow these instructions to assemble the device. "How to replace the battery with an iPhone 7" in reverse order.

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