Mi True Wireless Earphones Setting

Hello, dear friend! Today I will help you connect your headset to a laptop. I’ll tell you by my own example how to do it: quickly and without hemorrhoids. I recently bought wireless headphones for myself. I’m tired of the fact that my wires near my ear are constantly breaking and only one side is working. And falling from the table is not very pleasant when you forget to take them off before getting up.

I must say right away that not all laptops have a built-in Blue tooth. But on new models it is put more often. I will review two instructions for both Windows 7 and Windows 10. I will also talk about the problems that may arise when connecting and how to solve them.

Windows 10

How easy and simple to connect bluetooth headphones to a laptop on a dozen? With this operating system, it’s much easier than with the seven, as the developers adapted the connection to almost all wireless devices. Also, the driver (if you do not have it). is downloaded automatically when you connect to the Internet.

Mi True Wireless Earphones Setting
  1. You can enable it by clicking on the panel in the lower right corner. Then just click on the bluetooth. Or you can immediately go to Settings. To do this, go to start, click on the gear. Next, select the second section “Devices” from the list.
  1. Now go to the section we need a little lower and turn on the function if it is not already active by moving the slider.
  1. Now you need to activate the headphones. I would advise you to prepare them in advance and fully charge them, but for starters just try to connect them. Find the power button, on each model they are different and are located in their bins. Also on the headphones there are certain indicators that show the inclusion and connection of the device. If it lights up red, then the device is not connected. Green. there is a connection. Blinking. information is being exchanged. Sometimes there is still a blue color. If the headphones have a “B” or “Bluetooth” icon, then it must also be turned on (in my case, these buttons are paired).
  1. In the same window on the laptop, we find a plus sign (add devices button) and add our headset.
  1. Now select the first section associated with the bluetooth devices.
  1. You should see the name of your headphones, as well as the type of information transmitted. Click on them. And then you will see the inscription about a successful connection. If you request a password, then enter 0000. according to the standard. The password can be viewed in the headset manual or on the label on the device itself. True, there is not always a label.
  1. In the same section, you can now monitor all connected devices via Bluetooth technology.
  1. Now you need to configure an autonomous sound output specifically for your headphones. In general, the system should do this automatically, but it’s better to do it manually. To do this, in the right panel below, where you adjust the sound volume, right-click on the speaker icon and select “Sounds”.
  2. Go to the “Playback” tab. Now we find the headphones already connected, right-click on them. And then from the list, select “Use by default.” If you have a microphone in your headphones, go to the “Record” tab and do the same.

Video: Mi True Wireless Earphones Setting

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Mi True Wireless Earphones Setting

Windows 7

How not to force wireless headphones to connect to your laptop? The seven may have difficulties, since the OS is quite old. So before that, I advise you to update the latest version of Windows, for optimal performance. You can, of course, connect right away, but if something goes wrong, it’s better to upgrade the system to the latest version.

  1. Connects in about the same way as in the top ten. We find the Bluetooth icon in the lower right panel. If not visible, then click on the arrow that points up. Click on the “Blue tooth”, right-click and select “Add device.”
  2. Turn on the headphones. If there is a separate power button on the Bluetooth headset, then also click on it. In the list you will see your headphones. just click and connect them.

I can’t connect. problem solving

If you have not found the Bluetooth button. The headset does not connect. He does not see the headphones, there is no sound, he wheezes, beeps or other problems. then you need to check for installed drivers. As a rule, this is the only reason in this situation.

  1. You need to go to the device manager and see the installed drivers. Click WinR; prescribe devmgmt.msc.
  1. Now you need to find the Bluetooth device. If they are not, then look in the “Other devices”, maybe you will see them there, but with yellow triangles.
  1. To install firewood from here, you need to connect the Internet. Right-click and select “Update Driver”. Then we select the Internet search and install.
  2. If there is Bluetooth and the drivers are installed, then it is best to reinstall them or install the latest version of the program.
  3. You need to go to the official website of the laptop: Asus, Lenova, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, etc.
  4. We find the “Support” or “Drivers” section. Here you just need to search, but often these sections are at the very bottom of the page.
  5. There you choose a laptop model, your operating system and download drivers for Bluetoo
  6. If you did not find the driver section or something went wrong, then you can download the full firewood pack from this link. https://drp.su/ru/foradmin Scroll down a bit and download the corresponding archive.
  1. Then install and reboot the laptop. Next: how to connect a wireless headset. you already know, just do all the steps again as described in previous chapters.

After that, the problem should be solved by itself. But as practice shows, even this does not always help. Especially often, such problems arise precisely at the seven. Like it or not, but it is already becoming obsolete, both in terms of characteristics and adaptability, of connecting devices. And this is quite normal. since in her time, there was no overwhelming popularity of wireless devices.

The laptop does not see bluetooth

If you know that there is a “Blue tooth” and this function is spelled out in the documentation, then perhaps it was disabled in the BIOS.

  1. It is necessary to restart the computer. When the screen darkens, hold down one of the buttons. Often these are buttons: Delete, F2, F9. But on different laptop models, there may be different BIOS entry models.
  1. Now look for the menu items of the Bluetooth adapter and turn it on as you find. It is located in different places, so it makes no sense to describe it. The menu is not so big, so I think you can handle it.
  1. Press F10 and select “Yes” or “OK”. to save the parameters. If you don’t save the settings and just exit, then Bletooth will remain off.

Skype problem

There are such difficulties:

  • You hear the interlocutor, but he is not you;
  • You do not hear anything;
  • You hear rattle, noise, clatter;

Here are some suggestions for resolving the issue:

  1. Install the latest version of Skype;
  2. Update drivers for sound card and Bluetooth;
  3. Reboot the laptop and reconnect the headphones;
  4. Go to the “Sounds” section and set up playback and recording devices. how to do this, I wrote earlier in the same article in the Windows 10 section (everything is done on 7 as well).
  5. Go to skype settings. See that there is a playback device and microphone on your headset.

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