Mi Cloud Xiaomi App What It Is

Mi Cloud is a cloud storage created for Xiaomi devices.

What is Mi Cloud

Many users of gadgets from Xiaomi are interested in the question of what Mi Cloud is and why this service is needed.

Mi Cloud is the repository that is installed by default on all smartphones of this company.

In order to log into the cloud, you must register an account in this system and have access to the Internet.

Mi Cloud. how to log in:

  • go to smartphone settings;

Mi Cloud Xiaomi App What It Is

  • select system applications;
  • go to Mi Cloud.

For the convenience of users, it is possible to add a shortcut to the phone’s desktop.

The cloud has the following functionality:

  • device search;
  • synchronization of the necessary elements;
  • Creating a backup copy of the device.

With Mi Cloud, you can synchronize:

  • calls
  • a calendar
  • voice recorder;
  • browser
  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • photo and video elements;
  • notes.

Many users were confused by the moment that there is no Russian version of the program. The developers fixed this defect, and now the store is available in Russian.

Contact Sync

Many owners of Xiaomi smartphones are worried about how to enable synchronization.

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In order to synchronize contacts, you must perform the following steps:

  • create a page in Mi Cloud, if it is not;
  • Log in to your smartphone’s settings
  • select system applications;
  • go to Mi Cloud;
  • select an item to synchronize “contacts”;
  • click on the “sync” button.

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In some situations, you will need to open the contacts menu, select “Import and Export”, then. “In Mi Account”.

Errors may occur while booting from Mi Cloud. Reasons may include:

  • incorrect smartphone firmware;
  • server side errors.

To eliminate synchronization errors, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

  • Change the device language to English;
  • Temporarily clear the blacklist of contacts.

To disable synchronization, you need to move the slider towards the “off” opposite the selected synchronization item.

Application backup

There can be various types of backups on the smartphone: local, through Mi Cloud, through Titanum Backup. Each of them is activated in the device settings.

To create a backup via Mi Cloud on android, you must perform the following steps:

  • go to the phone settings;
  • choose Mi Cloud;
  • select “Backup devices” below;
  • move the slider to the right.

Such manipulations will help recover lost data and use it on another phone.

Photo storage

Among the services that allow you to store photos, you can highlight mi cloud photo manager. This is a simple program with two functions:

  • the user can upload photos to the cloud storage;
  • The owner of the smartphone can synchronize the photo between the selected folders on the computer and on the cloud storage.

Some users are faced with the problem of lack of free space in the cloud. By clearing the folder located on the following path: miui. gallery. cloud. cache, you can free up several MB of memory on your phone for recently taken photos.


Mi cloud app is an application that allows you to manage cloud storage directly from your phone.

You can also enter the application from a computer and configure the synchronization of all the necessary elements for convenience.

Mi Cloud can be installed on a desktop computer. To do this, follow these steps:

  • go to the browser;
  • Drive in the search bar Mi Cloud apk;
  • download this file;
  • open the downloaded object and complete all installation steps.

It is also necessary to register an account in the Mi Cloud system. For this, the user must have a Xiaomi account. To use cloud storage, it is not necessary to install it on a computer; you can enter it through an official resource.

In the event that an error occurred in the Mi Cloud application during synchronization of any of the elements, it is recommended to change the language of use to English, disable the black list and try to use the application again. After fixing the error, you can restore the Russian language for further use of cloud storage.

The Mi Cloud app is available in several languages, including Russian.

How to free memory in Mi Cloud

The smartphone user can expand the memory up to 10 GB in the standard version, but this is an additional service, so it is paid.

Many smartphone owners from Xiaomi are interested in the question of how to clean and how to increase the space in the cloud. Mi Cloud volume is free to increase in two ways:

  • via smartphone;
  • through a desktop computer.

Information on increasing the storage capacity of cloud storage can be found in the user agreement and on the official resource.

Direct cleaning via smartphone

The user can free up space in the cloud via a smartphone.

In order to free up memory space Mi Cloud from a smartphone, we clear the storage through the Gallery application in the Cloud tab.