Mi Band 3 Workout Setup

A popular fitness bracelet is Xiaomi Mi Band 3. It is convenient, functional and practical. To understand how Xiaomi Mi Band 3 works, the instruction in Russian will help a beginner too. Even those who had the previous model should familiarize themselves with the manual, as manufacturers improved the device and introduced new options.

Mi Band 3 Workout Setup

Functional Bracelet Mi Band 3

Before you start using the device, understand its basic functions. Some people perceive it as a fashion accessory. But Xiaomi Mi Band is a fitness bracelet, therefore, in many respects performs the functions of a personal trainer.

Among these options are a pedometer, counting the distance traveled and calories spent on sports. To perform this function, there is an accelerometer / gyroscope.

An important option for health is the ability to obtain objective information about the period of sleep. That is, the user has a chance to establish at what time the dream was the deepest or, conversely, alarming.

In addition to the pedometer and other listed options, a function is built in to measure the frequency of contractions of the heart muscle. For this, the bracelet is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor. You can also set up automatic measurement during the day.

The owner can even set the maximum allowable heart rate, and when they are reached, the tracker vibrates, giving a signal that it is time to rest (or at minimum values ​​there will be a signal that you need to train more intensively).

In addition, like the “smart watch”, it helps to stay in touch, so that even during training, answer calls and SMS. Xiaomi fitness bracelet has an alarm clock (not built-in, but easy to set additionally). it will not let you oversleep by running the vibration mode. So he will not bother others. The model also displays the weather forecast.

Setting up a fitness bracelet Mi Band 3

For the bracelet to work, you need to configure some parameters:

  1. Display selection. The user himself configures what information he wants to see on the display.
  2. Screen activation, which is done by raising your hand. If you disable this function, the display works in a constant mode even when a person is sleeping.
  3. Band screen lock. Thanks to the screen unlock function, you can turn on / off using the swipe in the direction from bottom to top.
  4. The choice of location, since it is not necessary to carry the device on your left hand.
  5. Display on the weather screen. You must either manually set the city, or when connected to a smartphone, the item will be automatically selected based on geolocation information.

Also in the bracelet you can choose the type of dial. there are 3 options in total.

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How to enable Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Upon receipt of the bracelet in its original packaging, it is already included. It happens that the battery discharges, and then the device must be charged for 1.5-2 hours. Then, on the display, press the button and hold for several seconds.

Video: Mi Band 3 Workout Setup

How to set the date and time

There are no special buttons on the device for setting the time and date. Setup is done using a smartphone.

No additional actions need to be taken, when the phone is connected to the bracelet, the action is performed involuntarily.

How to connect to the phone

The device can be connected to the iPhone, but under the iOS operating system, the bracelet does not show even half the capabilities. Partly due to the limitations of the OS itself and the fact that developers of applications for the fitness bracelet do not want to modify them.

Mi Band 3 Workout Setup

How to flash into Russian

Initially, there were problems with this, since the device was not released for the Russian market, and the application was in Chinese. Now you don’t need to look for high-quality firmware for a long time, since July 2018, an international Russian version is available, which is automatically connected when synchronizing with the phone.

How to set up notifications

Alerts are automatically configured. But you need to send them to work on your smartphone (sometimes you have to unlock it on some models).

How to set up a smart alarm

To use a smart alarm clock, download the appropriate utility, install it on a smartphone. After that, the function will remain activated by entering the MAC address in a special field.

How to switch music with Mi Band 3

The smart bracelet itself does not have an application that manages music files. It is installed on the phone, then enter the MAC address and set the control templates.

How to charge the bracelet

For charging, a device is provided that comes with the bracelet. It is recommended to carry out this procedure through the USB port of a PC (500-700 mA). A high amperage means that the battery runs out faster.

Mi Band 3 Workout Setup

To restore the battery, you need to remove the capsule from the strap and place it in the charging device so as to ensure a snug fit to the contacts.

How to set up weather display

Weather settings go to individual items in the proprietary application.

How to untie from the phone

Unbinding from the smartphone is necessary in cases where they want to give the bracelet to the owner of another account. Then you need to go into the proprietary application, and at the end of the settings, find the “Disable” item.

A lot of warnings will appear on the screen, the user must read them and accept the consent.

Some configure it, but this requires intervention in the hardware and software of the device.

What applications does the bracelet work in addition to mi fit?

There are many applications that the device works with.

  1. Mi Band Master is an alternative version of a proprietary application that sets other settings, extends the functionality of the device.
  2. Mi Bandage is an application that allows you to expand the functionality of a smart device. Works in conjunction with Mi Fit.
  3. Mi Band Smart Alarm is an alarm clock that is suitable for all versions of the bracelet.
  4. Mi Band 2 Music&Camera Control is an application that is used to switch music.
  5. Mi ban 2 & Amazfit Selfie is for selfie lovers, as it allows you to use your watch to control your phone’s camera.
  6. Mi HR with Smart Alarm. allows you to measure your heart rate continuously.
  7. Tools & Mi Band. necessary for setting alerts.
  8. Find MI Band. helps to find a lost bracelet. Although the search function is in the proprietary application, but many users prefer this option.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band is a freeware application that extends the functionality of the bracelet.

How to turn off Mi Band 3

The device does not turn off. It works until the battery runs out. However, sometimes it needs to be rebooted. Some users solve this issue by connecting a continuous heart rate measurement or multiple notifications to quickly discharge the battery.

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