Mi Band 2 Black Screen What To Do

Even with the currently popular company Xiaomi, which is famous for its good quality products for fairly little money, there are troubles in servicing some models.

Mi Band 2 Black Screen What To Do

The main reasons for turning off the phone Xiaomi Redmi 3S

One of these is that Xiaomi Redmi 3S does not turn on and there can be many reasons for this. Commonplace, but oddly enough, the most common options are:

  • Moisture It can be both after rain, or an unsuccessful jump into the pool, but the results of such actions are oxidation, and possibly serious damage to the motherboard;
  • Battery. an integral part of the device, but quite often causing a lot of problems, because it is he who even without much external influence can go bad, fail at the most crucial moment and discharge;
  • Basic loading. the problem is not simple, it requires consideration or even repair work, but preferably by the hands of a professional;
  • Deformation. the most common form. Everything is outrageously simple: dropped, pricked, and not only the outer shell, but also the internal parts of the smartphone suffered;
  • Firmware. Replacing, updating or rebooting such an element will be a difficult issue, but it can be solved in “home” conditions.

What to do if Xiaomi Redmi 3C disconnects

The main breakdowns of the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 3S, which will lead to shutdown or, conversely, to the failure to turn on the smartphone, you need to predict and carry out maintenance work. But even if the situation happened, we don’t panic, but perform a series of actions:

  • We draw out the cards. we anticipate the risk factor, including for them;
  • Open the back cover, check the battery and the visible parts of the device for the presence of various kinds of deformations;
  • We take out the battery, inspect the element in detail and check its performance;
  • We check the internal parts. we identify external defects and / or deviations from the norm;
  • We replace the damaged part if it does not require additional knowledge. Otherwise, we turn to a specialist in this field.

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Mi Band 2 Black Screen What To Do

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Such a plan of action is suitable for a mechanical kind of damage that is easy to identify for a simple layman.

Problems after updating firmware on the device

Much more complicated is the situation when the Xiaomi phone does not turn on due to an internal failure. Firmware is a hated word for every user. All procedures associated with it (updating, reinstalling, replacing) are quite complex and require a certain skill.

If it’s not so difficult to reflash the included Redmi smartphone, then its turned off version causes some difficulties. But there is a way. To do this, follow a certain algorithm:

  • Download the desired firmware file from the official website to be sure of the safety and quality of the product (Stable ROM). http://en.miui.com/download-303.html;
  • Connect the phone to the computer and select the connection in the “file transfer” mode;
  • Move the file to the system folders of the device itself;
  • Run this file on the device to start the installation process.

After a series of these steps, your gadget will work, using the capabilities of the new shell. But this option is final when there is no longer any hope that this simply slows down the system and there is confidence that the whole thing is in the Xiaomi Redmi 3C firmware.

Other problems and solutions

If there are no such guarantees, then why not make a banal reboot of the gadget. Perhaps the smartphone simply could not cope with the number and complexity of the tasks, and a reboot will fix such moments. To do this, hold down the device’s unlock (on) button for 10 seconds or more.

Also with the hardware of Redmi 3S, other problematic situations may arise:

  • It does not turn on and does not react at all to any user actions;
  • Off, but the red indicator is on (blinking);
  • Hangs at a certain stage of loading.

Own efforts cannot solve such problems. There is an option to reboot the device with holding the button for 10-60 seconds, but no one can give a guarantee that this will help. The heavy reset function (to factory settings) may also be useful. This will ensure the operation of the smartphone, but at the same time will not leave anything in its memory. In all other cases, it is best to contact the appropriate service.

As a result, we can say that the problem of not including Redmi can be solved both by our own efforts and by going to the service center. The difference is only in the scale and cause of such a breakdown.

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