Mi Band 1s Not Syncing

The Chinese company Xiaomi has provided a lot in the special MiFit proprietary application for the Mi Band, however, it often happens that the user wants to store all his sports achievements and readings from various wearable gadgets in one place.

One of the best fitness apps for Android for these purposes today is Google Fit. Few know that this program supports synchronization with Mi Band via MiFit. In today’s detailed instructions Xiaomi.ua team will talk about how to connect Mi Band to Google Fit.

How to connect Mi Band, what is required?

  • Charged Mi Band
  • MiFit Android App
  • as well as the Google Fit app

Step One: Install Applications

On your Mi-smartphone (or any other Android smartphone), install two applications MiFit and Google Fit, preferably from one source like Google Play. Excellent!

Step two: open MiFit and make sure that the synchronization is complete

Mi Band 1s Not Syncing

Now you need to go into the MiFit application and activate Bluetooth, synchronize your Mi Band with a smartphone. If synchronization does not occur, try pulling down the area with achievements, so you force the smartphone to synchronize with MiFit.

Video: Mi Band 1s Not Syncing

Step Three: Activate Google Fit

We go into the second Google Fit application and activate your Google account. Then we prescribe your characteristics: gender, weight, height, etc. Click on and go to the next step.

Step Four: Sync MIUI with Google Fit

Now open MiFit and go through the following chain: Menu > Accounts > Sync with Google Fit (Menu > Accounts > Sync with Google Fit). In the menu, select the desired Google account and confirm the end of application synchronization.

Step Five: Make sure MiFit is Connected

To make sure that the synchronization is successful, go to Google fit > Settings > Connected Apps > and find MiFit in the list. If everything is ok, go to the main screen of the Google sports application and drag the workspace down, after that you will see the data from the Mi Band in Google Fit.

That’s all, now all your activity indicators that are recorded by Mi Band, Mi Band Pulse (1S) or AMAZFIT will be displayed in Google Fit.