Meizu U10 Hard Reset Asks for a Password

Meizu Hard Reset allows you to return the smartphone to factory settings. Often this is necessary in situations where, due to excessive overload of the internal memory, it starts to work with freezes, or if the smartphone was purchased from your hands and you want to delete all the data remaining from the previous user.

Meizu U10 Hard Reset Asks for a Password

Why and when to do Hard Reset

Meizu U10 Hard Reset Asks for a Password

Hard Reset allows you to return the device (m2, m3s, m5c, m5s, m612h, m6s, m710h, m973w, mx4, pro 6, u10, u20, etc.) to the state that was at the time of release from the production line. As a result, all third-party applications, viruses, utilities, photos, videos, and other data stored on the internal memory are deleted.

Most often, making a Hard Reset on Android is necessary in the case of:

  • The phone freezes at the time of loading the Logo frame and does not load further;
  • Any freezes and spontaneous shutdowns occur during device operation;
  • There were suspicions of the operation of malicious applications that are not deleted (not visible through the application menu);
  • Forgotten a digital or graphic code, other unlock methods did not help;
  • You plan to sell the device and want to delete all personal information;
  • Other reasons.

It is advisable to periodically perform a hard reset gadget with the preservation of personal data through backup. This will free the smartphone from unnecessary accumulated data, as a result, the device starts to work an order of magnitude faster.

What data is not saved

Resetting to Maize will trigger the deletion of the following data:

  • User-created notes and reminders in the calendar;
  • Audio recordings, videos, photographs and other files stored by the user in the gadget’s memory;
  • Contacts and text messages;
  • User-installed applications
  • Any other information that was not in the device when leaving the factory.

How to prepare for a reset

In order for the reset to take place while preserving all the necessary personal information, you must back up the data. The method is easily implemented using the Flame cloud storage or the built-in utility for data synchronization.

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Making a backup using the flyme cloud

After buying a new smartphone and first turning it on, the device will offer to register a Flyme account. Do not ignore the offer, since in the future it will be through your account that you can get administrator rights, perform data synchronization and other useful manipulations.

After activating the Flyme account, all photos, videos, contacts and other data are automatically saved in the cloud storage. Downloading information to the phone will happen automatically after you log in using your username and password.

Account settings will help you determine how often you need to backup, which files you need to save in memory.

If you still have questions. let us know Ask a question

Backup using the built-in utility

Meizu phones also have a built-in utility that allows you to create backups without having to download third-party software.

Meizu U10 Hard Reset Asks for a Password

The process includes the following steps:

  1. In the device’s settings we find the item “About phone”;
  2. Select the “Memory” section;
  3. Click on “Backup” and “Backup”.

After backing up the data in the smartphone’s memory, a separate folder will be created that will not be erased after the device is completely reset.

Before resetting, the phone asks for a password

If the phone asks you to enter the installed code, but you do not remember it or it is left over from the previous user, you can perform a reset through the menu recovery. To save the necessary personal data from the device’s memory, download any third-party data backup application, as the built-in tools may not be available.

How to reset Meizu to factory settings

There are two ways to make Hard Reset on Maize. software and hardware. Both methods guarantee a complete reset without saving personal data. It is preferable to resort to a second hard reset if, for one reason or another, you cannot access the settings of the smartphone (device freezes at boot time, forgotten digital or graphic password).

Hard reset through recovery

To perform a hard reset, you must:

  1. Turn off the phone (you can hold down the power key and select “Shutdown” on the screen, or hold the button a little longer until the moment when there is a forced shutdown).
  2. When turning on the device, hold the volume up button together with the power key until the company logo appears.
  3. The menu recovery will open, we are interested in the item “Wipe data” (or Clear data, depending on the firmware version on your device);
  4. Click on the “Start” button, the data erasing process will be started automatically.

Meizu U10 Hard Reset Asks for a Password

Via the settings menu

Resetting to factory defaults on Meise via the menu:

  1. Go to the smartphone settings through the desktop, menu or notification panel;
  2. Select the item “Storage and backup”;
  3. Next, click on “Reset to factory settings.”

In some cases, the system may require a password to start the process.

On some models, resetting can be done through the engineering menu. To do this, using the phone number input section, dial 27673855 # and give consent to the reset.

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