Meizu M6s reboots itself

The rapidly growing Chinese company Meizu regularly launches new models of its smartphones on the market. Buyers can not always keep up with more advanced models and therefore seek to independently improve a previously purchased model. In particular, regular updating of software on the phone will allow it to keep up with other models in functionality. In cases when it is not possible to update applications, firmware will come to the rescue, which will allow you to update the entire system as a whole.

Also, the firmware will become useful in those cases when the smartphone began to reboot by itself, open applications for a long time and perform other incorrect actions. You can solve such problems on any phone model, in particular, installing the new version firmware on Meizu M5 Note can not only restore the original performance, but also add new features. Despite the fact that the model was released a couple of years ago, it will not lose its relevance and productivity.

Meizu M6s reboots itself

Using phone

Among owners of devices to Meizu, a fairly common question is how to update firmware on Meizu M5 Note? The solution to this issue is quite simple, you must follow these steps:

  1. Download firmware from the official site.
  2. Check file name and extension.
  3. Launch your smartphone in Recovery mode.
  4. Reboot Meizu smartphone.

Meizu M6s reboots itself

An important note. before starting the update process, you must copy all the files that are installed on the phone. This precaution will help avoid an unpleasant data loss situation. To copy, you must perform the following actions:

  1. On the menu “Settings”, open section “Personal” and choose “Memory and backups.”
  2. Next go to “Other” and select an option “Copy and restore.”
  3. After that, you need to determine the storage where the data will be transferred. You can do this by clicking “Choose a storage location”. Now put a check next to the type of data that you want to copy. Noting, you need to click “Start copying.”

Meizu M6s reboots itself

Download firmware from the official site

The next step after backing up data from the phone is downloading the file with the firmware. To do this, you need to go to the official Meizu website and go to the section “Flyme”, in which you need to select the item “Download”. In the window that opens, a list appears with various phone models, among which you should find “M5 Note”. A section appears where you can download the latest version. Or just follow the link. Sometimes a company offers to install a beta version on its device. And then we load the firmware into the root of the smartphone’s memory.

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Video: Meizu M6s reboots itself

Check file name and extension

After downloading, it is important to check the name and file extension, which should be “”. This is fundamentally important, because, otherwise, the installation either will not take place at all, or it will happen incorrectly. In addition to checking the name, you must do the following before the upgrade process:

Meizu M6s reboots itself

  1. It is important to ensure that there is maximum battery power, as the process takes a long time.
  2. It should be borne in mind that if the process fails to update, you must restart the process. To do this, go to “Settings “, select “Telephone”, go to “Memory” and click “Reset”.

We launch the smartphone in Recovery mode

Starting Recovery mode on your phone is an integral part of the installation process. To put the smartphone into this mode, you need to: turn it off and simultaneously press a key “Turning on” and volume up buttons. The buttons must be held until the inscription “System Upgrade”, which is a settings menu. In this menu you need to click “Start”, to start the firmware process.

Meizu M6s reboots itself

Reboot Meizu smartphone

The process of installing the firmware takes a certain amount of time, during which the phone can either reboot itself or require user permission. Therefore, it is important at this moment to be near and fulfill the phone’s requests. The installation process will end with the last reboot, after which the phone will start up in its usual form and mode of operation. Before you start using the device, you will need to make standard settings and set the time, date and other options.

Using computer

In addition to the above method, the update for Meizu M5 Note can be installed using a computer. This method is useful when there are any errors when flashing with the phone. It also requires some additional settings, in particular, you need to configure synchronization with a PC. To do this, use the menu “Settings” find item “Specialist. opportunities” and choose “USB debugging.”

Meizu M6s reboots itself

Download firmware

Downloading the file does not need to be done on the phone, but on the PC, since the installer file will be launched from it. You can download the file from the official site, as described above in the section “Download firmware from the official site”. When installing custom firmware, you need to focus on the tips of the site from which the download will go.

Connecting the phone to Recovery mode

As mentioned above, in order to start the firmware process, you need to put the phone in Recovery mode, which opens the update menu. To do this, turn off the device and then simultaneously press and hold the top volume key and the power button. After holding the buttons, the inscription appears “System Upgrade”. this is the update menu. It is in this menu that the update will start.

Meizu M6s reboots itself

Check file name and extension

After the installer file is downloaded, you need to check its name and extension, which should be “”. It is important to say that such a name will be carried by the official firmware, but custom versions can have a completely different name and extension. You need to find out about this directly on the site from where the custom version is loaded.


After all the preparatory steps, you can proceed to the firmware process itself, for this you need:

  1. Synchronize (connect) your smartphone and PC using a USB cable. The phone should already be in Recovery mode.
  2. After connecting the phone to the PC, a folder will open on the computer “Recovery”, into which you need to transfer the installer file with the name “”.
  3. After copying the file, click on “Start” on the phone, and the update process will begin.

The device can reboot several times, and after the firmware is completed, the device will turn on in its usual form.

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