Meizu M5 Note How Many Cores

Meizu M5 Note How Many Cores

Meizu M5 Note How Many Cores

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Profitable kit

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Choose reliable metal

Meizu M5 is presented in an all-metal case. The device demonstrates good functionality and build level. Stylish design combined with reliability, what could be better?

Meizu M5s is equipped with an IPS-matrix with wide viewing angles. The 5.2-inch display provides comfortable operation in any weather. Enjoy crisp, vibrant, and vibrant images with the latest from Meizu.

5.2 inches diagonal

Resolution 1280×720 px
Density 282 PPI

5.5 inch diagonal

Resolution 1920×1080 px
Density 403 PPI

M5s: 8-core processor, 3GB RAM

Choosing Meizu M5s, you choose high power and efficient operation. A powerful processor and a large amount of memory will allow you to play cool games. Be active!

Video: Meizu M5 Note How Many Cores

M5 Note: octa-core 64 bit processor,
4GB high-performance RAM

The device is equipped with the latest generation processor, with which you will always be at your best. Forget the concepts of “slows down” and “does not pull”, everything will only fly. Work, have fun and relax actively with the M5 Note.

3000mAh battery

4000mAh battery

Fast charge technology

Tired of waiting a long time when your favorite device is charging? After all, you always need him so much. Do not worry, Meizu has taken care of your comfort. The new technology uses fast charging technology. Now the 3000 mAh battery charges up to 56% in just half an hour.

13 megapixel camera.
High Speed ​​PDAF

The main camera of the smartphone with a resolution of 13 megapixels, is equipped with phase focusing, dual backlight and aperture f / 2.2. Clear and high-quality images in any weather are provided to you. Hurry to capture the best moments of your life, Meizu M5s. will help you with this.

Fingerprint Scanner:
No password needed

Store important files on your smartphone? Do you want them to be away from prying eyes? Nowadays this is not a problem. The fingerprint scanner will help block access to your phone from “outsiders”. Protect your phone and all the data in it with one touch! Simple, fast and reliable, what else is needed?

New items come with Flyme 6. This beautiful, convenient and simple shell that will make the work of your gadget convenient and efficient. Choose. comfort!

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