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Charging the phone’s battery is a device that can fully restore the gadget’s performance in a short period of time. But the power source of today’s smartphones refers to the details that need to be carefully treated, because the phone’s performance in the future depends on the functioning of the battery. We’ll show you how to properly charge your smartphone and extend battery life.

Meizu M5 Contactless Payment

After charging. turn off

Frequent use of the smartphone during the day leads to the fact that the battery is rapidly losing its charge level. For this reason, users make a huge mistake. they connect the phone to power all night.

Such a process harms the device. For a device with a capacity of 2900 mAh, 2.5-3 hours will be enough to fully charge. After that, recharge and maintenance at 100% begins, causing the battery to “stress”.

Meizu M5 Contactless Payment

The consequences of this action are:

  • decreased functionality;
  • increased likelihood of contact burnout;
  • battery failure.

If the mains voltage is unstable, this leads to a short circuit. At best, charging will burn out, and at worst, the battery will fail. To prevent this, you should remove the device immediately after reaching 100%.

If possible, charge your smartphone

It is believed that the 15-minute “feeding” of the gadget is harmful to the general condition. However, this assumption is erroneous. Such an action will allow you to quickly charge the phone, although not to the maximum. The positive sides are:

1. Conservation of battery capacity for a long time.
2. Reducing the probability of failure of the device.
3. Extension of the apparatus.

Meizu M5 Contactless Payment

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For the Sony Xperia XZ F8332 DS Blue model, recharging for 15-20 minutes extends the performance by a couple of hours. If you use up the battery, and then restore it to the maximum, then the phone can withstand 50 cycles, after which performance decreases by half.

To save the battery, it is necessary to keep the overall charge level within 30-75%. Such an operation is recognized as the most effective and useful for a smartphone.

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It is not necessary to charge the smartphone 100%

If there is a long road ahead and you need to stay in touch, the device connects to the network and the battery is powered up to the maximum. In other cases, this is not recommended with lithium-ion batteries.

Getting the maximum charge leads to unpleasant results. This especially affects devices where a powerful battery is installed, for example with a capacity of 4000 mAh. The constant influence of high voltage will lead to a decrease in the level of functioning.

Control the temperature of the device

Under different conditions, the battery behaves differently. If the street is very hot, the phone may slow down and not fulfill its purpose to the full. High temperatures result in:

  • loss of capacity by 25-50%, the device with a battery of 3600mAh will work as 1800-2000 mAh;
  • failure of the gadget;
  • freezing
  • periodic shutdown.

Meizu M5 Contactless Payment

It is strictly forbidden to leave the device in the car in extreme heat and on the windowsill in direct sunlight. Cold also negatively affects the overall condition of the smartphone, and specifically. on the power supply.

The developers of the device do not recommend carrying the phone in the outer pockets of the down jacket. Low temperatures can hurt and the phone will refuse to work. Only after rebooting at room temperature does it “come to its senses.”

Once a month, full discharge-charging

Such training will positively affect the battery’s capabilities. Although a battery made of a durable lithium-ion material is reliable and durable, it is still necessary to adhere to established rules of use.

Everyone knows how to charge a new smartphone after purchase, for example, the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 DS A720F Gold model:

1. Use a smartphone until it shuts itself down.
2. Set the device to charge to the maximum value.
3. Perform this action several times.

Meizu M5 Contactless Payment

A full discharge of the battery should be done monthly. Such manipulations have their positive aspects. The smartphone will not lie about the charge level, it will only show real values. The capacity of the smartphone will not decrease. Constant make-up makes the device resistant to voltage.

Proper use in accordance with the requirements specified in the instructions ensures that the smartphone will last a long time, while maintaining performance indicators.

Proper operation is the key to success

If you fail to implement the recommendations, then trouble will not happen. Engineers of such brands as Samsung, Lg, Xiaomi and others design devices with the expectation that the user will change the device in 2-3 years.

Meizu M5 Contactless Payment

This suggests that the nutrient block will also work for such a period, after which performance deterioration and loss of capacity are possible. Following the recommendations of experts, communication devices will last much longer, despite the established period.

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