Meizu M3s Pubg Mobile Settings

Meizu M3s Pubg Mobile Settings

The Meizu line of phones has recently been very popular. However, some errors began to be detected in their “own” firmware, such as “SIM card is busy, try again later.” The user cannot copy contacts and transfer them to another phone.

What does this SIM card failure mean?

Card blocking or erasing of all numbers is due to software failures, or a broken firmware. Sometimes there is too much stored data about contacts. a small amount of memory on the SIM card does not cope with this, which inevitably leads to bugs.

SIM Card Failure on Meizu

What to do to fix

We have selected several solutions recommended by other users that will help get rid of this problem.

Cleaning through another smartphone

To begin with, we check. maybe the card’s memory is full. Take another smartphone and put your problem SIM in it. Go to the contact settings. Find some numbers you do not need. Remove them completely. the more the better. Next, return the SIM card to your smartphone again. Now she has to earn.


Download SIM Card Manager. Install on your phone or PC. It is necessary to clean up unnecessary data: for example, duplicate phone numbers. Using the app, try export contacts to a file or simply copy to the smartphone’s memory. Be sure to test all the possible options that the utility provides.

Video: Meizu M3s Pubg Mobile Settings

Meizu M3s Pubg Mobile Settings

Phone load

Installing many applications on a smartphone somehow slows it down. First, try to free the load on the OS. Uninstall and disable as many applications as possible. Then make a return to the settings from the factory. Without turning on the smartphone, pull out the battery and SIM card. Reassemble the phone. This method helps those who have not optimized data on the device for a long time.

Google account

On Android, you can easily synchronize numbers with Gmail. To do this, activate your Google account on the smartphone. In the appropriate synchronization settings, check the box next to “Contacts”. Thus, your phone numbers will be transferred to your account, access to them will even be through a browser (via Gmail). Already from there you can copy them wherever you want.

Meizu M3s Pubg Mobile Settings

Sync your contacts on Google

Phone OS

Update the firmware if there are newer versions, especially for the M3 Note and M5 line. Perhaps changing the OS version will solve the problem. Use only licensed files that have not been changed by the user. Otherwise, the “pirate” add-on will not eliminate the error.

Simka’s breakdown

Also, a crash “SIM card is busy, try again later” in Meizu may occur due to a broken SIM card. They fail quite often, especially when cropping cards to. In this case, nothing can be done. It remains only to rewrite everything manually. Remember that if the above solutions did not help, then you should hurry up with rewriting contacts, because in the future everything can break completely and the data will be lost forever.

Finally, a short video with import / export of the phone book on Android.

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