Meizu M3s Not Turning On Fastboot Mode

Despite all the usefulness and versatility of the Fastboot Mode, its spontaneous inclusion on Mayza may indicate serious violations in the operation of the mobile device. Fastboot is an indispensable tool for Android developers and debuggers. Ordinary users are faced with it extremely rarely. Let’s figure out what Fastboot Mode is on Meizu and how to get out of this area if the phone freezes and does not respond to external commands.

Purpose and reasons for downloading Fastboot Mode to Maize

Fastboot is a software environment that is designed to recover and remotely configure smartphones running Android OS. It is included in the package of components for Android SDK developers and allows you to fully control the mobile device through a computer.

The main functions of the Fastboot Mode Meizu M5, Meizu M2 Note or any other device are:

  • installation on Android of licensed and custom firmware via PC;
  • unlock root access;
  • creation and installation of system backups;
  • Configuring gadget settings that are unavailable to the user in normal mode
  • restoration of operability of Meizu M5 Note after its transformation into a “brick”.

Fastboot on a mobile phone is not part of the operating system and is loaded earlier for Android. The specified area is registered at the hardware level and is located in the memory chip. This allows you to work with her even when the OSes gather.

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Activation of Fastboot Mode on a Meizu phone can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Random inclusion by the user. This environment is launched through the standard menu or by simultaneously pressing the Power and Volume Down keys on the switched off smartphone.
    Meizu M3s Not Turning On Fastboot Mode
  2. Unsuccessful Android flashing.
  3. Software malfunction. If the Meizu M2 mini phone has independently turned on Fastboot, it means that it cannot boot in normal mode due to a particular malfunction.
  4. Unlocking a Superuser profile. The root rights themselves can not harm the smartphone, but they open access to the Android system partition. And when you delete the wrong file, the OS can fly off, and the phone turns into a “brick”.

Video: Meizu M3s Not Turning On Fastboot Mode

Disabling Fastboot via Maize’s default settings

You can turn off Meizu M5 Fastboot Mode in three ways:

  1. Directly through the phone. It is used when the operating system responds to mechanical keys and the user can enter the device menu.
  2. Via computer and command line. Allows you to restore the normal operation of the gadget, if it is activated debugging via USB.
  3. By flashing Meizu. This method is used as a last resort, because it leads to the deletion of all data and settings from the smartphone.

To exit Fastboot on Meizu M3 Note or Meizu M5 Note, first try the following:

  1. Reboot the mobile with the power key. If he leaves Fastboot, then you’re in luck.
  2. If the first paragraph does not bring a positive result, completely turn off the phone. Then simultaneously hold down the Power Volume Down keys and hold them until the device reboots in normal mode (for at least 10 seconds) or Select Boot with several options appears on the screen.
  3. Select Normal Boot and wait for Android to boot.

To prevent Meizu Fastboot from appearing the next time you open the device’s settings and in the “Accessibility” section, deactivate the “Quick Start” function.

Shutting Down Fastboot via Computer

If, after the operations done, the phone did not exit Fastboot, but USB debugging is enabled on it (for example, before that you installed custom firmware), you can achieve the desired via a PC:

  1. Download from the Internet and unzip the drivers for our model Maze to a computer.
  2. Using a USB cable, we connect the problem gadget to the PC. The second should be in Fastboot mode.
  3. Run the cmd command line as administrator.
  4. In it, enter the command “fastboot reboot”.
  5. Exit Fastboot on Meizu by pressing Enter.

After the restart, the phone should turn on in normal mode. To exclude the reopening of Fastboot, it is better to deactivate the fast boot in its settings.